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object crushing with bodyweight

Crushing: 7 Minute Chunky Heel Giantess Car Crush (FREE!)

Hi Crush & Giantess fans, in this video I'm a 90 foot tall Giantess that weighs over 500 ton and I decide to step on this little Jeep, The roof literally explodes under my Giantess weight! This was filmed in super slow motion 120fps so unfortunately has no audio, it's quite a pity since the sounds were fantastic, (I'll just go down to 60fps in the future to retain audio). After this I continue you trample the car into dust under my giantess heels. I was just testing the camera out with slow motion in this clip really and as this video has no audio I'm offering it totally free to my registered members. Hope you enjoy guys, lots more to come.

I spot a tiny car

Apply some weight

Giantess Calves

500 ton pressure

90 foot tall and 500 ton

Roof begins to buckle

The Giantess Tramples

Giant Chunky Heels

Price: FREE - Format: MP4 - Length: 7:26 - Resolution: 1920x1080 - Size: 213Mb


+1 #2 Jennybetty7 2018-01-29 04:57
Dying to watch 7 minute car crush in chunky heels it won’t play
+2 #1 nicktrample 2018-01-15 07:53
Only by reading the description of the vido I go crazy ..... imagine Mistress J of that size and that huge weight is very intriguing!
I would like to be inside that car, get out of her and admire the majestic and mighty Goddess!
I would lie down at the feet of this wonderful creature and leave her the choice: my car or me ..... what do you prefer to crush Mistress J?
wonderful video, thanks for sharing it ;-)

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