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heavy girls trampling people
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Trample Videos

heavy girls trampling people

Welcome to the Trample Collection, this category contains barefoot, boot & shoe trampling videos some of which can be downloaded absolutely FREE! All you have to do is register (registration is FREE!). You will then be able to not only download but also comment on the videos as a registered member which will help us to produce more of the content you'd like to see.


Ms Density Girl on Girl Female Bodybuilder Trampling Party

Ms Density Girl on Girl Female Bodybuilder Trampling Party

Ms Density wanted to produce a trampling video for us after the success of her car and trash can crush videos. She broke the last man she stepped on so this time she needed a very strong tramplee, fortunately her bodybuilding friend was up for the challenge! Yes in this video you get to see Ms Density trample another hot Brazilian female bodybuilder! Both girls weigh-in on the scales and strike a pose to flaunt their heavyweight physiques, showing us just how heavy the following trample is going to be. Ms Density tests her friends strength by standing on her stomach barefoot with her full 73kg of muscle-weight, see how she reacts in this extra special girl on girl bodybuilder trample video brought to you exclusively by She gives a real heavy barefoot trample that only a bodybuilder can, filmed from multiple angles for your viewing pleasure, you really don't want to miss a moment of this action, this video is an absolute must for any trample enthusiast. Not only that but Ms Density herself wants to see what it's like to be stood upon by a female bodybuilder so she asks her musclebound girlfriend to stand on her in return! That's right as an added bonus you get to see Ms Density trampled by the same female bodybuilder she has just crushed. She knows what it's like to feel a human body beneath her bare feet being flattened by her weight and now she can find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of that kind of pressure.

As always, bringing you the very best in heavy trampling and crushing.

Heavy Girl Stepping Up

Concentrated Weight

This Will Hurt

Dual Angle Trample

Trampling: 200lbs of Muscle Trampling while Painting!

I'm not always in the gym weightlifting and pumping iron, i'm also very interested in art. I wanted to test out my new digital painting laptop that I will be using to create trampling pictures, art and illustrations for this site so I decided to paint a picture on it whilst trampling my slave. I wanted him to endure my 200lb body standing on him for the duration of the painting process, that will influence my mood and influence the way I paint and I was very interested in what the result may be. This was very enjoyable as at times my mind would drift away as I'm concentrating on the painting and forgetting that my giant 200lb physique is relentlessly crushing my slave beneath me. At other times as you will see I am fully aware that his delicate bits are under me and I concentrate my weight on them, also lots of one footed concentration of my weight on to his stomach. To begin with I stand on him in my brand new black sandals which are very strong and thick, very, very dangerous when worn by a woman of my weight. I stand, step, tread and march all over his stomach and crotch totally destroying everything in there! The shoes are real dick squishers but I also love to feel all the crushing action with my bare feet so I remove them and continue to trample him barefoot. Mmmmm there's nothing like the feeling of man being crushed under your bare soles (especially when you weigh as much as I do).

Trampling While Painting

Thick Heels Crush Him

Bare Feet Crush Him

Big Girl Trampler

Trampling: 10 Minute Barefoot Abs and Groin Trample

Hope you enjoy this one, I know I certainly did! I give my slave a good working over, first of all on his stomach then on his groin. This is 10 minutes of subjecting his abs and winky to 200lbs of raw woman, all barefoot. I step up and down, I march on him, I stand on him and alternate my weight from one foot to the other seeing what kind of noises and moans 200lbs can induce. You'll notice from the file size that paid videos are higher quality.

That's gotta hurt!

200lb winky squish

All 200lbs on the abs

Toes pressing in

Trampling: 6 Min 90kg Barefoot Bodybuilder Stomach Trample

Have you even been stood on by a female bodybuilder? Do you know how heavy female muscle really is? My lucky slave finds out in this hot 6 minute video where I stand on him and concentrate my full 200lbs (90kg) of muscualr beef on his stomach, totally decimating it! I don't need to wear heels to induce pain with my weight, 200lbs on my bare feet is enough to get him begging for mercy. Watch the muscles bulge and flex in my smooth sexy legs as I trample his stomach FLAT! This is a must have video for all those into strong women and heavy trampling. I hope you enjoy the video, remember you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

90kg footprint

Stomach Destruction

Thick Muscle Girl

Bend Those Ribs

Trampling: 10 Minute Stomach Demolition FREE!

Welcome to my website trample-meat! To celebrate the opening of the site I'm giving you this full length stomach trample clip absolutely FREE! You do need to register in order to download anything from this site but don't worry registration is also FREE. What?... Did you think I was here to make money like the rest of those skinny girls that couldn't crush a paper bag? No, I'm a real trample mistress that loves to crush my lowly slave under my immense muscular weight and here is a great example of that, I step and stand on my slaves stomach for the duration of the clip with my bare feet. Yes he finds this quite difficult but that's the point right?... anyway, I hope you all enjoy! Please rate the video and leave comments, this helps us to produce better content for you in the future.

Concentrating the weight

A little cock squashing too

Worship my calves

Heavy stomach pressing

Trampling: Introducing Ruth Big Muscles to the Trample Scene!

I'd like to introduce Ruth Big Muscles one of our new members that was interested in advertising her clips at, she is a session wrestler from Spain that came across our site and loves the fact that we specialise in trampling by heavy muscular women. She is an incredibly strong and heavy woman that loves nothing more than crushing men beneath her colossal weight. In this 5 min video you'll see her weigh-in and then trample her poor slave barefoot, subjecting him to the weight of her musclebound frame, she then picks some dumbells up and tramples him with the extra weight! Just the kind of thing you guys love to see here at! As always bringing you the very best in HEAVY trampling! We are developing an area for members to sell their own videos on here but until then you may contact Ruth Big Muscles via her email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase custom videos. Remember you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

Trampler Weigh-In

Bodybuilder Trampling

Barefoot Trampling

Victory Posing

Trampling: Heavy Girl Tramples Cosplayer

gotta love trampling a superhero... they're no different to other trample meat... they all get crushed under my muscly weight...  

Cosplayer heavy trample sample pic 1

Cosplayer heavy trample sample pic 2

Cosplayer heavy trample sample pic 3

Cosplayer heavy trample sample pic 4

Trampling: 10 Min 200lb Barefoot Back Walking Trample

I've had some requests for a back trample so here you are. Have you ever been to one of those massage parlours where a lovely little 5 stone lady walks up and down your back giving you a nice deep tissue massage? Well, image that same back massage with a lovely big heavy muscle bound 14 stone lady walking up and down your back! With small size 5 feet imagine the pressure of all the muscle bearing down with each heavy step of a very nice deep, DEEP tissue massage! And of course all my messages have a very happy ending whether on screen or off! I hope you enjoy the video, remember you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

200lb Back Trample

200lb Butt Crush

Barefoot Backwalk

Crushed Under Muscle

Trampling: Weigh-In and 270lb Weighted Trample by Female Powerlifter

i love adding weight to my trampling... trying to delay the happy ending is difficult but fun with the extra weight...  

270lb Weigh-in Trample sample pic 1

270lb Weigh-in Trample sample pic 2

270lb Weigh-in Trample sample pic 3

270lb Weigh-in Trample sample pic 4

Trampling: 13 Min Thick Girl Boots and Socks Dick Trample

I was in the mood for a little cock trample and I really know how to flatten a dick so you guys are in for a treat! Though this video contains a little stomping it's mainly a slow and sensual dick squishing using both boots and socked feet, I'm wearing my tight jeggins that show my thick musclebound legs off and my black leather boots that you love so much. I begin by weighing in (also a little hand trample on the scale) and trampling his winky with the hard soled boots before removing them so I can feel it squash under my socked soles. Plenty of full weight standing allowing the weight of my thick 200lb body to totally flatten it. Includes a little hand trampling too. I hope you enjoy the video, remember you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

Fingers and Cock Crushed

Full Weight Boot Trample

Dick Treading with Boots

Hard Heel Crushing

Trampling: Big Heavy Muscle Woman Barefoot Trample

I'm a female powerlifter therefore my weight is immense and I just love imposing it on others by standing on them... subscribe, rate the video and comment to see more!

Heavy barefoot trample sample pic 1

Heavy barefoot trample sample pic 2

Heavy barefoot trample sample pic 3

Heavy barefoot trample sample pic 4

Trampling: 8 Min Boots and Socks Heavyweight Cock Trample

This video was especially fun, I start by stepping on my slaves cock wearing my boots (since some of you requested to see me trample in them) I begin to press my weight into it and flattening it under the hard soles, this makes it stiffen up into the perfect squashable consistency. So I step up with my full 200lb body on one foot smashing it flat under my boot, I march on it and step on it over and over as it get harder and harder. I then decide to remove my Boots and continue to trample it under my socked feet so I can really FEEL IT SQUISH BENEATH MY WEIGHT!  I firmly press it and hold it smashed under 90kg which forces it to climax. This is 8 minutes of pure heavyweight crushing. Yes this one was very fun indeed. I hope you enjoy the video, you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

Boots Cock Crush

200lb in Boots

Boots Cock Stepping

200lbs Crushing

Trampling: Heavy Girl Barefoot Stomach Tramples Cosplayer

I stand on this cosplayer's stomach just see if he can handle my weight, I love to feel my weight sinking in to his abs. Subscribe for more!

Cosplayer trample Sample Pic 1

Cosplayer trample Sample Pic 2

Cosplayer trample Sample Pic 3

Cosplayer trample Sample Pic 4

Trampling: 10 Minute 90KG Standing on Stomach and Groin

This is a very straight forward barefoot trample, well.. a very heavy barefoot trample since it features me. I got my slave down to his underwear and walked all over him with bare feet. Paying very close attention to his stomach and his groin due to popular demand. He struggles of course, I mean who wouldn't under 90kg of woman? I stand full weight on his winky with one foot like I often do with his stomach concentrating all of my weight on that area to make absolutely certain it feels every pound of me. Hope you enjoy!

Chest Trample too

Crushed by Muscle

Feel them Crushing

Huge legs Trampling

Trampling: 90KG Girl with Huge Calves Tramples Slave's Chest

I stand on my slave's chest with my 90kg body weight, stepping on and off subjecting him to that immense pressure over and over again, be sure to subscribe, rate the videos and comment if you'd like to see more...

90KG Huge Calves Sample Pic 1

90KG Huge Calves Sample Pic 2

90KG Huge Calves Sample Pic 3

90KG Huge Calves Sample Pic 4

Trampling: 10 Minute Green Tights Trample

I've had a few requests for panty hose (or tights as I know them) and I love my green ones so here's a video of me feeling like a mean green trampling machine, trampling my Lycra clad cosplaying crushmeat. 

I like to tease him with the amount of weight I will apply and with the positioning of my foot, maybe hovering a while over sensitive areas just to increase his anticipation for the extreme pressure of the weight that's coming next. It's so hot feeling him flinch when I put my foot on his warm skin, he knows that I'm going to apply more pressure, slowing sinking into his delicate man-flesh as he slowly crushes... It's just so damn hot! All these happy feelings with a pair of green tights ... I'm going to try red tights next time... And I can't wait! x

Stomach Compression 

Full Weight Stomach Step

Cheeky Winky Squash

A Little More Pressure

Trampling: 200lb Amazon Woman Barefoot Trample

I stand on my slave to crush him under my 200lb amazonian body. Subscribe, rate the video and comment for more...

200lb Amazon Trample Sample Pic 1

200lb Amazon Trample Sample Pic 2

200lb Amazon Trample Sample Pic 3

200lb Amazon Trample Sample Pic 4

Trampling: 10 Minute Weigh-in and Face Stepping Trample

In this clip I intended to just weigh-in and show my muscles off to my slave in order to intimidate him, step on his face a little applying some pressure just to show him who's boss and let him know I could crush him with ease if I wanted too, just a little foot domination and muscle worship. BUT after seeing the numbers on the scale and having him lay down there I just couldn't resist stepping up onto his chest and giving him my full weight so the last part of the clip also includes some full weight barefoot chest trample! Hope you guys (and girls) enjoy...

VERY Strong Legs

VERY Heavy Girl

Read it and weep

He's scared of them

Trampling: Orange Crush On My Slave's Chest

THIS IS BANNED ON YOUTUBE!!!! The pressure to make it squash and squirt is immense... love seeing the juicy mess dribble and spread as its crushed... subscribe, rate the videos and comment for more...

Orange Crush Sample Pic 1

Orange Crush Sample Pic 2

Orange Crush Sample Pic 3

Orange Crush Sample Pic 4

Trampling: 10 Minute Heavyweight Puma Trainer Trampling

I'm not a huge fan of shoe trampling, I find it a bit of a cheat. Shoes are like tools that light women need to inflict pain via trampling, heavier women like myself can produce immense pressure simply by trampling with barefeet. That being said I do like the feel of flesh under the soles of my footwear so I decided to stand, step and walk on my slave wearing my puma trainers. He had a lot of weight to endure for 10 minutes, hope you enjoy and remember to head over to the Heavy Trampling Forum to discuss any trampling requests.

Here We Go

Chest Crushing

Feel The Soles

Are You Ready?

Trampling: 90KG Female Bodybuilder Barefoot Trample

I trample my slave under my 90kg (200lb) muscular body weight. Muscle weighs 3 times more than fat so he is totally smashed, if you like what you see then please subscribe, rate the videos and comment to see lots more heavyweight trampling.

90KG Barefoot Sample Pic 1

90KG Barefoot Sample Pic 2

90KG Barefoot Sample Pic 3

90KG Barefoot Sample Pic 4


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