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heavy girls trampling people
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Trample Videos

heavy girls trampling people

Trampling: 200lbs of Muscle Trampling while Painting!

I'm not always in the gym weightlifting and pumping iron, i'm also very interested in art. I wanted to test out my new digital painting laptop that I will be using to create trampling pictures, art and illustrations for this site so I decided to paint a picture on it whilst trampling my slave. I wanted him to endure my 200lb body standing on him for the duration of the painting process, that will influence my mood and influence the way I paint and I was very interested in what the result may be. This was very enjoyable as at times my mind would drift away as I'm concentrating on the painting and forgetting that my giant 200lb physique is relentlessly crushing my slave beneath me. At other times as you will see I am fully aware that his delicate bits are under me and I concentrate my weight on them, also lots of one footed concentration of my weight on to his stomach. To begin with I stand on him in my brand new black sandals which are very strong and thick, very, very dangerous when worn by a woman of my weight. I stand, step, tread and march all over his stomach and crotch totally destroying everything in there! The shoes are real dick squishers but I also love to feel all the crushing action with my bare feet so I remove them and continue to trample him barefoot. Mmmmm there's nothing like the feeling of man being crushed under your bare soles (especially when you weigh as much as I do).

Trampling While Painting

Thick Heels Crush Him

Bare Feet Crush Him

Big Girl Trampler

Full Body & Close Up

Includes Muscle Posing

Barefoot Metal Crushing

73Kg of Muscles Crushing

This is a 26 minute movie, my longest trample video clip so far! Well I had to stand on him until I finished didn't I ;-). This is a genuine video in which I trample my slave for 26 minutes until I've finished my painting! He also reaches up at points and caresses my huge muscular calves as their weight slowly compresses him. I step on his hands and face with my bare feet too.

Here I'll even include the painting for you: this is what I painted while standing on my slave... Every brushstroke made whilst he was being subject to the weight of my very heavy body. 

Trample Painting

This is the first digital painting to appear on the internet created during a trampling session. What does it say about me? What does it say about trampling? What else would you like me to paint whilst I trample my slave? Registered users can post comments at the bottom of the page and remember you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

I hope you enjoy the video, Mistress J Weight x

Price: $15.00 - Format: MP4 - Length: 24:48 - Resolution: 1920x1080 - Size: 734Mb


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0 #2 6162 2020-06-24 09:14
I love the idea! For me is that the way of trampling. Enduring the weight as She tramples and stands on the human floormat until She is finished with Her work. Wonderful!
0 #1 Mrframpled 2020-02-01 22:06
Great video. However, I prefer both to see but above all to undergo barefoot trampling mainly because I like the idea that the trampler feels my body under her soles. In this way I feel my internal organs and bones more of her property, ready to sacrifice itself to her powerful soles

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