Trampling: Heavyweight Barefoot Stomach Trample

You all seem to enjoy stomach trampling very much, I do too, so I decided to stand full weight (200lbs) on my slaves stomach. I love to hear him moan under my weight... Subscribe, rate the video and comment to see more.

Barefoot Stomach Sample Pic 1

Barefoot Stomach Sample Pic 2

Barefoot Stomach Sample Pic 3

Barefoot Stomach Sample Pic 4

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+2 #1 nicktrample 2017-12-04 12:15
this stomach is put to the test ... I love this and I love to see its limit :-x
stomach and belly are the parts of the body that I prefer to crush and this video is pure show!
Mistress J I love your style and everything you do: you can make intriguing and sensual a "simple" trampling
thank you

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