Sleeping feet worship

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Sleeping feet worship was created by SidM

It was Summer vacation holidays
And my cousin sister decided to stay at my house for 1 week
She is same cousin sister who once trampled my finger
I was very happy because i can easily get in touch with her feet
I took every chance to touch her feet while watching TV,having breakfast,etc by sitting very close to her
While watching TV she use to sleep on her stomach and dangling her feet up and down and I use to sit near her feet
Finding a chance to smell and lick her feet
And during night time!!!!
That was the best chance while she was sleeping
I was not sleeping for whole night only to worship and lick her soles
I use to sleep in the afternoon
While licking and smeeling her feet I use to rememberise how her sexy feet crushed my finger
I licked her whole sole of both feet
And after tgat her soles were smelling like my saliva
While she was sleeping on her stomach I lifted her one feet up and pressed my throat over it
I feel choked for a minute
I did whatever I can do with her feet by taking taking care that she dont get awake
Those days were best days of my life
Specially nights!!!!
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