Trampled by colleague

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After a party my female colleague crashed at my place. She was quite typsy. She had to use my laptop to check an email and she came across my browse history. I've been watching trampling videos.
She: so you like being stepped on, is it?
Me (startled): urmm no.
She: you can tell me if you do.
Me: well, yeah it's my fetish.
She: do you want me to trample you?
Me: urhhh yes if you're okay.

She then watched a full video to see how is it. The video had some soles licking and foot gagging. After watching she asked me if I'm ready. I said yes and got down on my back.

She slowly took off her shoes and gently stepped on my stomach. She weighs around 66kg and i could feel her feet sinking in my stomach. She then slowly lifted her left foot from my stomach and placed it on my chest. She asked me if i can take it. I said yes I could take more. She started bouncing and I felt my breath go with every bounce. She asked me again if I'm okay and I said yes. She then put both feet on my chest and I could feel her weight crushing my internals.

Then she asked how about I put my feet on your face? I agreed to it and she gently put her feet on my face but then she started applying pressure on my face. I was having a rock hard erection. Then she told me to lick her soles which I did and she seemed to enjoy that.

She then asked me to open my mouth. She dug her feet in my mouth and kept pushing it until I started to gag and choke. She then took her feet off my mouth and asked me how was it (while still standing on my chest). I said wow you're good at it. She did same with her other feet until I gagged again.

Then she asked me if I've ever taken a full weight on my face. I said no. Then said then now is the time and she stood full weight(both feet)on my face for 20 secs. I was out of breath and had to tap her feet to get off.

She got off and asked me if I enjoyed it. I was like hell yeah. She told me she won't mind doing it again as she enjoyed it. But then I was wondering if she really enjoyed it or it was the typsy talk.

Turns out it wasn't typsy talk because the next day she talked about it and said she really meant doing it again.

We've had several sessions since then.
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