My Very First Trample Experience

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I’ve always had a foot fetish, but My Very First Trample Experience happened when I was 11 years old. It was a Saturday afternoon around 4pm. I was at the next door neighbors house where 6 kids lived. That day the Mother took the two older siblings to go grocery shopping, leaving the youngest son age 5 to be watched by the other three girls at home that were 7, 9, and 13 years old. The mother told the girls to watch the 5 year old son ,and to fold and put away the laundry that she washed early that morning. The clean laundry was massive that it covered the whole bed in a huge pile in another room. The 3 girls wanted to play before they started the chores, and since their mother & older siblings would be gone for hours shopping they had time.  The mother’s instruction was not to leave the house until they finish the laundry in which they agreed. So before the mother left,  she told me I had to go home so the girls wouldn’t be distracted from their chores. I said okay & left the house, but I was outside in my own yard. The mother left, and 10 minutes later, the 13 yr old opened the front door, and called me to the door. She said her mother would be gone for hours, and her siblings want to play hide n seek. I was hesitant since I was told to go home by there mother, but they reassured me it would be okay. So I went back inside their house, and we began the game.  The game rules were you could hide any where in the house except the mothers bedroom, and no hiding outside. So we began as we chose the seeker by count elimination, and we chose a seeker, and preceded to play the game. As the 13 yr old was the seeker she started counting as we found the places to hide. I was having a rough time in finding a good hiding spot as the countdown was coming to a close, so in a panic I asked the 5 year old to completely cover me under the massive pile of clean laundry on top of the bed. I told the 5 year old to cover me real good by piling the laundry on top of me so I wouldn’t be found easily , and I promised to give him candy, for his help, and he agreed. As I listened to the count end I heard the 13 yr old finding the other 2 girls. Once found, you had to race back to the base of where the counting started to win against the seeker.  One of the three sisters was found and lost the race back to the base, and was employed to find the remaining people hiding. If the next person found by the now 2 seekers then that person had to beat both seekers back to the base. The 3rd sister was found, but won the race against her two siblings, now it was time to find the last person, me that was hiding underneath the massive pile of clean laundry. The 5 year old covered me so well it took them 20 minutes before even entering the room I was hiding in. They tried to get help from the 5 year old little brother, but he was loyal in getting the candy he was promised by me. The girls started to get frustrated because they didn’t know where I was hiding. One of the sisters thought I left the house, and went outside to look, and the other sisters followed. When they came back inside, they were saying that they thought I left, and would continue the game without me. So I yelled you can’t find me? The sisters were excited & confused, and ran past the room I was hiding thinking the yell came from the very back room. Their desire to find me grew intensively as all three sisters were now looking for me.  After they searched the back room again they finally entered the room I was in. They looked in the closet, and behind the door, and then one of the sisters said he’s behind the bed! The bed did have a little space from the wall that a body could fit, but to there dismay I was not there. At that time all three girls climbed onto the bed discussing the question of where could I be hiding. They agreed I was a great hider, and started to manipulate me out of hiding because they didn’t know where I was in the house. Little did they know I was right below them. They tried to bargain and  said I would win if I gave them my position, but I wouldn’t say anything. One of the sisters started bouncing on the bed that turned into full jumps. The other two sisters joined in and started bouncing that also turned into full jumping also . They were jumping, and laughing so wildly that one sister almost fell off the bed. That sister was the heaviest of the three, but she climbed back onto the bed, and started to jump again, but this time towards the center of the bed where I was. The other two sisters were laughing at the other sibling for almost falling off, and they also jumped towards the center of the bed. The first blow was onto my chest, all the air rushed out of my lungs. I tried to catch my breath and the next blow was to my face & head causing me to see black with yellow spots. The next jump was to my thighs, and then my chest again. I was out of breath being jumped on & trampled unknowingly, under a pile of clothes. They was unaware I was under their violent jumping crushing me.  I was pinned at one point, and couldn’t move when the next hard jump was delivered directly into my crotch, that’s when mustered up the energy, and I let out a scream. (“Ouuuuch”!) All the sisters stopped jumping immediately, and all ran back to the base without checking to see if I was okay.  I laid there for a brief moment, trying to let my body self soothe from the trauma of the jumps it just experienced, then I started slowly digging myself out of the pile of clothes, then I got up slowly head throbbing, face warm & tingling, and stomach cramping from the jump into my crotch. When I finally reached the room of the base the sisters were discussing what a great hiding place I had, and they wouldn’t have ever thought to look under the massive pile of clean laundry. The 7 year old girl said to heavier 13 yr old that she thought she felt a body under the laundry when she was jumping, but the 13 yr old said all she felt was the laundry under her feet, and the 9 yr old agreed also with her 13 yr old sister. The sisters told me I lost the game, and I would be the seeker. I didn’t mind losing, and becoming the seeker because I was still in pain from being jumped on full weight unknowingly by all three sisters. I still had to give the 5 year old the candy I promised.  The rest of that day, and part of the next I  was moving in slow motion  from the pain. This is a Very True event that happened to me, and my very first trample, and I’ve been a fan of it ever since.  Thanks for reading.
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