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My first trample was forced on me to my delight. It was an unprovoked attack full of violence by a 10 year old when I was 7.
I was walking on the school field looking for friends when I was shoved over from behind. Initially he stood on my shoulder blades as he pushed and shoved at my head.
Before I knew it he had turned me over and was standing on my chest. He was 3 years bigger but his weight was not stopping me from breathing. The pressure was quite nice but the black attitude was scary and irrational. He moved down both feet on my belly. That was nice so I sucked in my stomach allowing the full pressure squash my intestines. He was rhythmically bouncy in rage when suddenly he stomped his right foot. I immediately tensed my abdominal muscles pushing him up several inches.
He noticed that he was not hurting me the way he wanted and jumped off. I was frightened by his irrational mood but I wanted his larger weight on me. He walked off and I got up and carried on looking for Brian.
His violence left me looking over my shoulder for days at school and walking to and from school but I never saw him again.
The whole feeling of the intestines squishing and moving around by someone else's choice of movements was fantastic compared to manipulating a weight in self crushing. I wanted more but have no idea how or who to ask for it.
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