First time I trampled someone

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I met this guy online, oh my gods he was hot as hell, way out of my league but I thought hey, why not! He’d posted a great photo so I thought I’d comment on it. A few days go by and I get a hell of a surprise, he messaged me! Could not believe it! This guy was gorgeous! 6ft at a guess, built like a Norse god, tattoos, a sexy twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes and a naughty little grin… swoon! Ok, I’m only just over five foot, built like a rugby player, never been what you would call ladylike, a little clumsy and a great big nerd. So of course I gave him my phone number when he asked but also silently hoping it wasn’t just a joke.

We chat for a couple of weeks and decide to meet up for a first date. I do the sensible thing of meeting him in a safe, public place, a local pub, just in case, because you never know! A couple of drinks later and he asking if I’ll come back to his place with him. Normally that’s not the sort of thing I would ever do but I’d had a drink (or two…) so decide ok, it was only the late afternoon, he had a very charming, persuasive way about him, we had been getting to know each other for weeks and he lived with his mom so what’s the worst thing that could happen? Right?!

On the speedy but smooth ride to his I fought the urge to convince my ridiculous and nervous self that this hunk was not a Norman Bates from the film Psycho and everything would be fine if I just calmed down and relaxed, which worked because the thought made me giggle. We park up and go in, his mom isn’t there, very nervous now… We had sweet but sexy kiss, it made my knees go weak and my head spin a little, although that bit was probably the alcohol… It was amazing, far better than I thought it would be, how can someone turn me on this much with just one kiss? I was fully prepared to jump in bed with him right now! He was so damn hot!

But that’s not what happened… He asked me if I’d stand on him! Wasn’t prepared for that, wasn’t sure, not because I’m naïve or a prude but because I’m very heavy, not too overweight looking, very dense, very thick and very heavy (most likely due to the large amount of muscle mass that is mainly concentrated around my legs and arms) and also because I was wearing very sharp looking high heels to give me a few inches of extra height. Ouch! Now I’m not what could be described as a vanilla person, I’ve always been aware that there are lots of fetishes out there and always ready and willing to try new and alternative fun sexy things given the chance. I remembered seeing one particular episode of Eurotrash when I was younger so I knew that this Adonis was a trample fan. Yes! Something exciting, hot and new! Excellent!

So he got down on the floor and lay on his front. Eager to try this, feeling the excited tingle down there thinking about what was about to happen and holding onto to the edge of a chest of drawers to balance myself, I slowly and carefully step up onto his lower back, felt him crush and squash under my muscly weight and quickly got off. Surely those heels hurt! No, it was fine so I tried again, slowly going up, trying to evenly distribute my weight so the heels didn’t break the skin and I had the best position to balance. I got off slower this time, getting used to the feeling of power I was starting to get, hearing the low sexy groan coming from this man meat underneath me, it was turning me on seeing how much it turned him on, finally something my petite, curvy, thick frame was good for!

He turned over so I could trample his stomach and chest. He reached out to touch my flexing muscles through my tight jeans as I stepped on him. Even my large muscular calves that I had always been told were too manly were a focus of his meandering, exploring hands, squeezing the thick, hard bulging muscle with a sexy sideways grin… damn! Standing over him, dominating him, feeling powerful with this godlike man at my mercy getting crushed by my beautifully heavy lady muscle! I love this feeling! It’s such a turn on! I had found my man meat trample slave and almost six years later I’m still enjoying dominating, squashing, squeezing and crushing every delicious bit of him x mmmwah x
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My goodness he's definitely a lucky boy! That's the first time you'd trampled someone? Sounds like you're made for eachother, hope to hear more of your experiences. Great story thanks for sharing.
I like to be stood on by girls
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Replied by SidM on topic First time I trampled someone

I would also like to get trampled by you
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I'd love to be trampled by you too Roweena x how much do you weigh? You sound like a fantastic trampler are you in the UK? X
I'm a girl that likes other girls to step on my abs. A stomach trample enthusiast.
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Lucky start. I would have asked for the heals to come off but it would have been a prolong trample.
Please keep on squashing us people.
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