Candid book trample

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Candid book trample was created by SidM

I have a feet fetish from my kindergarden days
Once in my clg days I was sitting behind a Hot beautiful girl who was wearing White color flip flops and her toes were black nail polished and milky white feet in the classroom.She was having full attention towards what the teacher was teaching and at the same time she was dangling her feet
I took a chance to place my book near her feet.Luckily she placed her feet on the book.I kept the book open under her feet.As she was playing with her feet the pages were getting scrumbled and torn little bit
She was continuously playing with her feet without knowing that book was under her feet
And the book was getting crumbled for the whole lecture
When the lecture got over all the students left the classrom for break
She also get up from her seat but while standing she heard the sound of pages getting crumbled under her feet.She picked up the book and kept it on her desk.When she left the class I took my my book back
When I reached home after leaving the college
I just opened the book to see what damage she has done
And all I saw was pretty black flip flop marks on it and some pages were torn apart.
I kept the another book next day
And the result was same
I did this thing for a couple of days
But unfortunately she caught me one time and changed her seat
And started sitting far from my seat
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You know you could always ask her to do it for you! You never know unless you ask! If you're worried you could say it was an art project and ask if you could take pictures of her feet on the book!
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