Caitlin's weight humiliates Kevin

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This isn't a trample story as such but it was a great example of the power a heavy woman can produce using her weight so I thought I'd share.

This happened to me a few years ago now, I left work and noticed I had a flat tyre as I walked towards my car, not too big a deal as I knew I had a spare and the tools to change the wheel in the boot. I opened the boot and started to get the things out when Kevin one of my colleagues noticed what I was doing and offered to give me hand "that's not a job for a lady, here I'll give you a hand" he said. I didn't really fancy doing it so I said "thanks". He put the jack under the car ready to jack the wheel up then put the socket wrench on the first wheel nut and tried to turn it, no chance! It was stuck tight "oh it's going to be one of these is it?" he said, "good job I'm here you'd have never got this off by yourself" with that he removed his jacket to expose his tiny little spaghetti arms and tried with all his might to turn the wrench but to absolutely no avail. He then stepped on the end of it to try to get it turn using his weight but it wouldn't budge. This guy probably weighed even less than me and I'm no particularly heavy myself, he was about the same height as me but skinnier without an ounce of muscle on him at all so it was obvious he wasn't going to move it. I said don't worry I'll go and find someone heavy and he said "no it's ok I can do it" and then stood full weight on it and started bouncing but the little guy had absolutely no chance. It was then that I noticed Caitlin another of my colleagues approaching us to see what was going on “having a little trouble are we?” she said, “yeah these wheel nuts are stuck and Kevin isn’t heavy enough to move them” I said, “Ha! ha! Here I’ll do it” she said. Now Caitlin definitely stood a chance, she was a big girl! About the same height as me but much thicker, she probably weighed the same as me an Kevin combined, she had big muscular calves, thick thighs and a giant round musclebutt. She was wearing her office attire which consisted of quite a short skirt and heels. She said “move over skinny” to Kevin and placed one of her feet on the end of the wrench “you won’t move it, you can’t do it in heels” Kevin said. “Can’t I?” she said as she placed a hand on the car roof for balance and began to press her weight onto the end of the wrench, the car moved slightly as she began to press then suddenly before she had even lifted her other foot from the ground ‘CREEEEAAAK, CRACK…” and the bolt finally turned! “There you go” she said “I didn’t even need to use all of my weight!”. Kevin was shocked but didn’t respond at all out of embarrassment. He just pulled the wrench off and put it on the next nut and said “how bout this one?”. She put the sole of her shoe on the wrench and stepped her weight down again effortlessly turning the bolt, they did the same with the other three bolts. She didn’t need to use her full weight on any of them. Just a simple step from this well built girl turned them all with ease. “You just needed to but some REAL weight into it” she said as she winked at me then turned and walked off. I remember watching those gorgeous muscle legs walking away with her heels clicking on the floor and being in awe of her power. She humiliated Kevin with her weight and really turned me on. What a great display of the power of a woman's weight.

Thanks for reading my story, again this is a real experience of mine. Unfortunately it didn’t involve Caitlin stepping on me (I probably wouldn’t survive if she did!) but it is a good portrayal of what turns me on. Has anyone else had any experiences like this? If so please reply.

Thanks, Trampled-Amy x
I'm a girl that likes other girls to step on my abs. A stomach trample enthusiast.
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Another good story Amy thank you, Mistress J Weight can definitely relate to that! I ask her to assist me with her weight all the time! So did Caitlin ever step on you?
I am Mistress J Weight's personal weighing scale, yes I'm very fortunate.
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Ha! It's true! He does! And I'm happy to use my heavy muscley weight for everyday stuff as well as the sexy stuff! It makes everyday stuff far more fun! ;)
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