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When you cannot find a person to trample your belly try a Plymouth.

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The following story happened again at the beginning of the century but sadly it was during a period when I was not getting people to trample me. I was working in an automotive workshop part time and work on after the others had left with the pretence of fixing my own car.
When I was certain that the others were at home having their evening meals and would not disturb me I set up to use a car to squash my belly. Unlike in earlier days I decided to go under a wheel instead of the chassis rail. There was intent to use an axle stand as a safety tool to limit the amount the car could drop by.
I was lying under the tyre of a 1970 Plymouth Valiant with a fireball 318 V 8 trying to set the axle stand. I had the tyre (tire in some languages) alignment set between hip and ribs but on full lock to angle me diagonal instead of pointing at the tyre on the opposite side.
The 185 X 15 tyre covered the whole belly area. I was lifting the car positioned under wheel when I messed up the valve control on the jack. The car slammed down on my stomach and bounced on its suspension. The tyre at the time of mistake was about a foot above my belly; the impact pressed my belly fully down to the ground, sending extreme pain through my body.
I initially the whole body dead straight but the soft stagecoach suspension which was a torsion bar and shock absorber had gone full travel. Then came another pain maker the heavy car weight was thrown up into the air by pushing the tyre against my flattened abdomen. If my guts needed another smashing the car then lifted to the upper limit of the suspension releasing a large amount of weight. What goes up comes down for another intestine crushing fall. It did not fall from same height but the stomach was already in over the top pain so the pain level seemed to be the same.
My leg was shaking and I had no arm control and my most immediate thought was to jack the car off my midsection. I had been in this situation several times before. The first time was when I over lowered the Humber with the wheel off but it was controlled lowering and stopped the decent before I got to this level of intensity. The second time was at high school when I pressed the medicine ball too deep with the scrum-training machine. I still had my hand on the release lever.
The third was at Westmere Lake where I was using a corset that was creating secondary crushing; I was sick with flue, the fallen tree branch was too close the ground and I passed out for 11 hours while remaining in excessive crush. This time I was not passing out or able to undo my situation.
One of the things I remembered for the gut crush on the Westmere Lake weekend was that if I went numb I could get sensation back. A prolong white-hot burn, extremely intense crush sensations rolling through the abdomen, displaced organs and intestines. However I had no introduced the weight in stages to allow the guts to adjust themselves. It slammed straight down. The tyre was barely above the ground compress everything in that spot.
It felt like a while but I reached the point where I could reach and operate the jack. Just for I started to release myself from this savage abdominal compressing I realised I was handling the pain, some of the sensation was nice and immense I love it when crush reaches immense. I grabbed my Philips camera and started snapping photos.
I got about 50 photos and about 48 of them were not pointing at the crushed area or were blurry. 2 of which I have hidden one (the best one) showed the how deep the tyre was inside my body. The car was raised in front right corner; the car was tilted with the right rear tyre relieved of some of the weight. The weight went to the lower left side of the car but the front left tyre had transferred some of its weight to the one on my guts.
Looking at the photo where the tyre sunken in was angled up. The outer edge is a couple inches below the rib height, follow the angle of the car and the tyre was very deep into me on the opposite edge. Looking closely the hipbone height the entire sidewall of the tyre is beneath the height of the hipbone. The tyre is 185 X 15 which is 185 millimetres across the fattest left to right point of the sidewalls. The rim size is 15 inches.
Only truck radial tyres have a square aspect ratio. With cross ply tyre 4.85 X 15 tyre the width is 4.85 inches but the tyre sidewall height from bead to the top of the tread is also 4.85 inches. The radial, which normally have measurements like 215/40 X 15 means the tyre, is 215 mm wide but the sidewall height is only 40% of that. However 185 X 15 is really 185/80 X 15 so the sidewall height is 148 mm. Just clearing up the tyre is not in a full 185 mm.
When I had the tree branch over squeezing by belly at Westmere Lake I had gas caused either by chips or the flu that I was suffering from at the time pass through my body. I describe it as:
I lowered the branch down onto the packing. I immediately started discharging gas out of my rectum, which was heavily compressed by all the pack and wrap and secondary of a large tree branch. Where I had compress the large colon I could feel the gas escaping through the narrowed tubing. My whole belly was vibrating from the gas trying to pass through squashed closed intestines. The vibrations were alternating between explosive expansions followed by a crushed in deep sensation moving around the abdomen. There were strings of this fluctuation all through my belly. Apart from the smell it was interesting the extremes that were occurring. It seemed like forever but the gas finally stop coming out.
I was happy with the immense pressure on my guts. I woke up about ninety minutes before dawn (apparently I passed out). I jacked the branch off me and went back to my car. Passing out was not on the planned list. I had been in the crush for 11 hours.
One this occasion with the car I had drunk a lot of soft drink and my gut was full of gas. Once the super pain was gone I was experiencing the same vibrations. Same immense crush sensations moving around my guts. I felt a point in the intestinal tubing that was crushed shut sudden expand open crush other tubing around more intensely. The suddenly that point was squeezed and was being intensely squashed by another point. The large colon also had expansion greater than the small intestine, with very immense crush afterward.
This level of compression cannot be deliberately created, as one would abort the crushing before the intensity reached immense. The most intense crushing was along the hipbone which is the sweep spot for me when belly crushing.
I was debating the risks of passing out. Pros were waking up with immense compression and every sensation that came with it. The cons were being out too long and the others come in before I escaped the car wheel.
I wish I had chanced it but I choose not to get caught. I jacked the car off me but as always want more. I went of to a car transporting trailer that had single axel but 20 inch TK Bedford wheels. I lowered the jockey wheel and the draw bar went to the ground. I used a trolley jack to lift the drawbar and lay underneath placed so the drawbar weight went on to my stomach. Heavy, It was nothing like the American car I just had on my belly but nowhere enough to satisfy my frantic wanting of very intense squashing.
I jacked the draw bar up high enough that I could climb out and then search for a second trolley jack. I placed the jack under a structural member on the tail and lifted the tail so it was coming up off the ground. I went back to lying under the draw bar, placing a pile of cleaning rags on my belly let the front jack down. I let it straight down the trailer that was lifting on it's springs gave me full intense but not immense force on my belly.
The drawbar that was sitting on a pile of rags went below my hip height. There was some white-hot sensations. Lots of sensations rolled through my guts. No more gas escaping. Forty minutes later I put the jacks way and went home.
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