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It was the beginning of this century when Yahoo groups were crumbling but social parity sites were taking over. (Please bring one of them back). I found a site where Tramplers and Tramplee could meet up. I was listed as both but when people saw my triple digit weight they all wanted to be trample by me but when I ask them to trample me; oh I so light, oh I would be disappointing.
I would meet up with the hope that I could persuade them in person to jump on my chest and belly. This was one of those occasions where the other person said I am only 89 kilograms.
I hate finishing arrangement thinking that is 89 kilograms more than I got on me now.
He lived the Hawkes Bay City of Hastings that 160 kilometres away, I ask him if he had a place where we could play, and he replied no (they all say No) but also he did not want to do it in his home town. I suggested the next city north which was a coastal city of Napier. People there might recognise me he replies so I went further north to a township of Bays View.
Just my luck there was a Motor Camp in the settlement. He agreed to it and I booked a cabin for Saturday Night. If I booked a cabin I had it until 10 a.m. the next day so I decided a night in the East Coast, which is a change from another night on the West Coast.
Saturday morning arrived I had no contact from Clive to say whether it still was on, or if he was backing out. My final decision was I had accommodation book and whether he turns up or not I was spending the night in the Hawkes Bay. I packed the extra clothes, overnight gear, camera and blankets.
Drove through the Manawatu Gorge to the eastern side and headed north.
New Zealand sits on two different Tectonic Plates. Hill ranges like the Ruahine (translated Rua 2 and Hine woman), Tararua are hills created by the Indian Plate running over the Pacific Plate. The hill range in the South Island called the Sourthern Alps is higher because they are pushed together a bit harder. Because travelling West to east or the other way is crossing from continent to another continent so of us think of it as changing lands.
I arrived in Napier at noon so I decided to proceed to the motor camp immediately as Clive said 2 p.m. I enjoyed the drive along the Pacific Ocean compared to along the Tasman Sea. This place is 225 kilometres from home so I was really hoping to get a gut trample (given and received).
Clive wanted something I have never done before. He wanted me to stand on his head. He was excited as someone of my weight do not come along that often. He was not so keen on me standing or sitting on his belly, he felt my weight might be to excessive. He said he would try me standing on his shoulder blades to see what my weight was like.
Standing on the back does not transmit much weight to the front, I was hoping he might turn over allow me on his squishy side.
After getting through the city I started driving over the reclaim land. I normally do not go north of Napier unless I am going to Gisborne. This area always seem spooky to me because of the fierce way it arrived.
Some seventy years earlier the boats use to sail all the way to the hills far west of me. The land I was driving on was the sea floor. The people who survived the 5 minute 7.9 earthquake and the Pacific Ocean washing over them sudden had a problem that this new huge flat area had thousand of fish that will soon be a disease source, urgently needing to be clean up. Well feed crabs for a while but the scary part is in a 5-minute period it could become sea floor again.
I arrived to the motor camp got my key and then text Clive the cabin number. He text back passing the airport see you in ten.
Clive arrived and he was short (five foot nineish) and not very bulky. We had our hellos and then we moved to trampling. He had only a 90-minute window to be back in Hastings again. I asked him if how he wanted to proceed.
He lay on the bed facing down. He instructed me to stand on his shoulder blades, which I did. To my fright I sank into his shoulder blade. The bed sank down too but this was body collapsing. I normally get trample on the floor, and trample others on the floor so movement was foreign to me. He instructed me to place my right foot on his head which he had turned sideways. I did and then he said put pressure on. I nervously increased the pressure I felt his head sinking in to the bed, I looked down to my horror to see his eye looking like it was about to pop out.
He tapped me out and I returned the foot back to the shoulder blade. It felt like the worst thing I have ever done. To my shock he said lets go again. I full of doubts placed my foot on his head and transferred weight on to it. He asked is this full weight, which puzzled me as my left foot was on his shoulder blade and I was nowhere near ready to lift it.
I replied no and he said that this was the most he can take. I asked him if I could move to his front.
He agreed but to stand on his chest first. He still was on the soft sinking bed and I was standing on the floor waiting for the chance to compress him. I stepped onto the frame of the bed and transferred to his chest. Once again I sank into his body, this time I thought ribs were going to snap. He tapped me out saying too much. I cannot handle it all.
The belly was my favourite area of the body. It has no bone structure but has a muscle structure that allows it move in, move out resist crush or succumb to crush. Ever since the schoolyard bully trampled me and I trampled the muscular kid I want to experience crush bellies. Male or female. Fat or thin. I just wanted to crush bellies and/or have mine squashed.
I asked him to give me a belly trample. He said he give it a go so I lay down on the floor. He wanted to know what next so I told him to step up on the belly and use the wall for support. I let my stomach sink in and he asked is that enough. I replied to keep it up, you can knead the belly with you feet if want or stand on the chest.
He stepped on to my chest and then returned to the floor. I asked to go back on the belly and he did, I asked him to bounce up and down lightly and he did. I want to see how long I can handle your weight I said to him. This was a mistake as he was not enjoying it and wanted to return back to Hastings soon. I felt the compressed intestines feeling, no white-hot or rolling ache.
When I had stood up he suddenly went back to ‘enough time to have another head trample though’.
I obliged but I was annoyed on the inside. He left and I went to the township of Havelock North and climbed Te Matai Peak. This spot which 500 metres above sea level is sea floor itself. Spent the night at the Motor Camp and spent the morning in Napier before driving home.
The skeleton part of his body was very easily compressed. He did not allow me to trample his belly. He did a micro trample on my belly and momentary got on my chest.
I am not keen on standing on anyone's head or have my own head stepped on.
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