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Dedicating the Weekend to Belly Compression

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This story is true but sound like a fantasy. I spent 48 + hours squashing my belly. I spent 11 hours squashed passed out. Here goes.
I left school at age seventeen and got a job in Wanganui. The job was storeman in a privately owned textile recycling plant. It was the mid seventies and there was collections of used clothing and other things made from material. The plant grade the items. Good clothing was washed and sent to second hand shops. The proceeds less costs went to charities. It was about 3% of donations was wearable clothing. A lot of the material was turned into cleaning cloths for industries.
There was different types of material that were suitable various industries. White cloth was used by food industries and some printers liked it. Denim was a part of a mix that mechanics liked. The absorbency made it popular.
Some clothing items were sent to Afghanistan via charity organisation. Russia was giving the country a hard time. There was some material and items unsuitable for cycling/reproposing and they went into waste system. To my surprise there was corsets and girdles in this thrown out materials. Yes compression wears. I had never seen these items before but I wanted the squeeze on my body that they gave.
I smuggled heaps of them home. I was living in a boarding hotel and had a private room.
I had about four corsets. 3 of them were way too small wrap around my ribcage. I had a 38-inch waist but I was over 42 inches around the base of the ribs. I had a powerful build from my hunting in the hills. Breathing capacity was large because carrying 70 kilo Doe or Stag 5 kilometres over big hills built strong legs, strong cardio system, and muscular back.
One of the corsets was tight on my ribs and squashed my belly heaps. I sneaked the petite size corsets back into the waste system at work.
Understanding and sorting out the girdles was not so simple but contained new lessons on compressing the body.
Some panty type girdles only squashed the bottom. Initially I thought they were useless, as they did not compress the abdomen. Some compressed the thighs; I initially thought the level of dragging when pulling them up and just too much effort. It was when it tried 4 of them at once (all sizes to small for me) that I experienced thigh compression. It was different type of compression but it was nice.
I came across girdles that pulled in the lower section of the stomach (Pooch) in. As these girdles were many sizes too small they suffered roll up. I thought these were annoying and useless. Then there was girdles that went up to the ribs in various sizes. I tried the smallest ones first but the suffered roll up and became like an over tight cord around the waist. I tried the larger ones. They sat well around the ribs and placed compression on the belly. I tried the smaller ones over the large ones. This stabilised the smaller ones.
This rule of large on first and then the smaller was a solid rule to stable fitting.
I had a mixture of legs compressors on the bottom layer. These were the hardest and most time consuming to fit. They had to be fitted with where the leg changed to butt area correctly. The second one on would drag the leg section on the first causing roll up of the leg part underneath. Surprisingly fitting the large one on first and gradually smaller until they were all on fixed the issue of roll up.
I had the high waisted girdles next followed by the pooch ones. My waist dipped in at the top of the hip. There was compression on the thigh, butt and abdomen at the same time. Two of the squeezing sensations I had never known about and up to then I had not even seeked. This was the changing point for me. It lacked the squashing of someone else or being squashed by someone else but this was fantastic field of self-compressing. Best of all I could do this on my own and I had my secrecy.
Success I thought not knowing I was about to discover secondary crushing. This came two ways but the initial squashing was always the girdles. The first secondary squashing I learned of was laying down wearing multiple women girdles applying compression and then a secondary pressure from weighted objects put on my belly. This was not just A plus B weight on the stomach but a magnification of the weight.
Without girdles on I placed twenty-litre drum of water (20 Kilograms) on my belly while lying down. The flat round base of the drum sat unevenly so I placed scrolled and scrunched up clothing underneath forming a surface of the container covering my abdomen. The drum weight drove the clothing into my belly but not deep enough to get excited about. I could easily push the belly up and sink it down again. After successfully balancing the drum on my belly, which was easy to lift on and off again there I put the girdles on.
I lay down and placed the clothing on my sunken belly (the girdles pulled in tight). I felt the pressure on my bottom as I initially moved the drum onto my hips and upper legs. I moved the drum onto the packing on my stomach expecting A pressure (the girdles) plus B(the tank of water)pressure that I had on the practice run. When I lifted the drum on a secondary pressure from water was immense. It shoved the front of the stomach down so many times more than water on it's own. The sudden massive compression was making balancing the drum difficult.
I was waving my legs around when I decided to extend my stomach and relieve the pressure. I could not push upwards. I had a lot of pressure on my liver. I finally rolled to the side a bit sliding the drum off my guts. The ache from the pressure went away immediately. I was surprised by the amount of extreme pressure wondered why it was so intense. I decided to empty some of the water but then I thought about the problem was all the pressure gone on to the liver. I studied the way the clothing that I later called packing transferred the weight. A balled up pair of pants took the full weight to my liver only.
I then played with the packing to see if an even transference could be achieved. The moment I got something that looked right I slipped the drum on again. It was a lot better than the first time as the weight was spread around the abdomen. Joyfully there was not less pressure. It was the full, magnified increase that I could match using the Humber without the wheels. I could press up with my belly but I enjoyed succumbing the pressure so I was not doing it. At 1 a.m. I decided it was sleep time and took the drum off and then all the girdles. I thought about concentrating pressure on various points of the belly all night.
I packed all the girdles away before breakfast but I left the drum full of water in the room. It was bed sheet change day, which happened while I was at work. When the owner went in she was shocked to see the drum and thinking it was petrol searched my room for other hazardous things. The bag with the girdles in was searched but nothing was mentioned about it.
I was grilled to why the tank of petrol was in the room. I was lectured about the endangerment of all the guests and how the old wooden 2-story building would burn instantly. I told her that it was full of water. After she checked it I was told that I could not have it in my room and it was to be stored in the shed. This was mainly because I did not give a reason on why I wanted a drum of water in my room. (It's my belly compressor).
I then got a toolbox full of sand (about 20 kilo weight.) and put that in my room. Lower centre of gravity made things easier, she had done me a favour.
I experimented with the placement of packing. I packed heavily in the V under the ribs and I did like heavy pressure there but not the majority of it. I tried the packing so majority of the weight was on the belly button. Nice but there was an incomplete feel. I wanted intensity in more of the belly region. Then I tried along the top of the hip. This was my sweep spot.
I did not want all the pressure there, I wanted the whole abdomen pressed in but I wanted more along there where the large colon travelled along and at the top in the V where the colon travelled along. I wanted white hot burn to occur all over, feel the large and small intestines crushed sensation at the same time.
I found handling the crushing pressure spread like that enjoyable. I did leg raises, knees bent with feet on the floor and even tried a crunch. I want more than being pinned on the floor when gut crushing. I loved the intense crush but I wanted experience it while doing other things.
One night after work I came home; put on the girdles, put on my overalls and went walking around the streets. The girdles put good pressure on the belly but I was looking for intense pressure. I went home with a compressed belly disappointed I could not get a crushing. That night I found what I called a body tube. It was a girdle from what I could tell went from the ribcage to the bottom. I realised I wanted that to hold the belly packing. I was still collecting corsets and girdles out of the rubbish. I got five of these body tubes. They were all different sizes and the rule off largest underneath and smallest on top worked again. I went for a walk again with overalls over top and this time packing on my belly held by the tubes.
I was in the Cook Gardens and I spotted to close branches that travelled perpendicular to each other. The gap was small and I knew if I forced myself in the gap it would supply pressure the abdomen. Determination got me in. The packing shifted slightly making it uncomfortable.
Then my attention turned to the corset. This was not a standard format and I had ignored it because of the rib size. The standard type was constructed with two separate panels that fastened at each end of it. One edge was the Busk that had hook clasps and the other was a set of eyelets that ribbons feed through. They are normally laid down with the busk undone but the ribbons holding the two panels together.
This was a single panel with two closing panels on each end. The longer panel had a busk (clips and hooks set up) which was on a stretchy elastic material. The shorter panel had an eyelet set up for string on it. This I tried with the strings and busk at the back and then the string at the front. With the stings in front was same pressure as behind.
This corset lower panel which was a busk set up was set up with a heavy duty elastic band that enabled me to slide packing underneath it. I increased the circumference by three inches and the elastic was tight. It was so tight that with just the busk done up it was squashing my belly.
The outside panel has giant size chrome hooks instead of eyelets. Instead of ribbons I used wax twine. It was 3.5 inches each side shorter than the stretched busk. That means when done up fully it took 7 inches off the circumference. The first thought was how much strength would be required to close this corset. The answer was a smidgen more than zero. Unlike the ribbon type the twine cable did not need each cross over one at the time tightened.
I threaded the twine across the top and zig zag all the way down. Top to bottom there was twenty two crosses at 7 inches there was 156 inches to 11 inches. I pulled the cord ends just to see how many crosses reduced. All the crosses right up to the top reduced together. Using the same effort to do up a shoe I closed the corset. I felt all the packing almost instantly drive into my belly. I felt my belly button dash towards the spine. I looked down and where my belly bulged out only moments ago from the packing was now exaggeratedly concave. To my surprise I had missed the bottom two hooks. I wrapped twine around them and closed it. I felt base of my stomach suddenly collapse in white-hot sensation. I had squeezed in massive amount of packing along the top of the hipbone.
This was the first time I had ever experienced something like that. The whole stomach was crushed with intense intestine compression sensation and then in a flick a white-hot squeeze on the lowest point. I undone the bottom hooks and re-squashed three more times. Then I did the big one, released all the hooks and the re tightened the lot. The bottom was going white hot as the rest right up to the ribs intensely compressed.
The first thing with corsets is that they are designed to pull the sides in. This caused a squeeze on the kidneys something I was not interested in. It pulled the front in which I liked but I had to stop the sideway pull in. This I fixed by placing whole folded newspapers along the back. This temporarily prevented this from happening and gave me an hour before side ways squeeze started. This was only true if I did not try and push against the corset with my abdominal muscles. If I flexed the abs it caused the corset to starting coming in sideways immediately.
I realised the corset was a fixed ring around the abdomen and not stretchy like the girdles. I put the packing in the corset and corset drove the packing into my belly. I still got the hour so long as I did not flex.
It was time to put overalls over everything and go for a walk up and down Durie hill. The hill is 90 metres in vertical ascent on a 1.5 Kilometre road. Walking up hill was a mistake as all my muscles were acting causing kidney squeeze. I turned around and walked down which increased the kidney crushing. I was leaning but try to get some relief, which did not work. With no other choice I ducked it the scrub on the side of the road and loosened the twine.
The next night after work on went the corset and in went the packing. My aim was to retry the Cooks Garden walk with the tree branches crossed each other. To my great disappointment I had not reproduced the nights before packing. It was an intense squashing without achieving the white-hot crush at the base. I found the tree and it was dark enough to with privacy side between the branches. Comparing the squash to the Humber and to the Scrum Trainer machine this was another white-hot belly crossing where the belly button was touching the spine. I had waves of various compression sensations rolling through my abdomen. I stayed in the crush for about ten minutes but as paranoia increased of being seen by a member of the public.
I returned to the hotel and lay on the floor with the sand filled toolbox on my stomach. I thought I had only 20 minutes left before the annoying sideways squashing started. I lay on the floor for 2 hours and thirty minutes. Before I went down to lounge in the commons. There was a point when my belly which felt super flattened but that was a property of secondary squashing caused by the set up. My belly went numb for a while and then came back with revenge in white-hot waves, intense crush, rolling aches sensations. I did not attempt to lift or wave the legs due to concerns of sideways crush.
After I packed everything away I went down to the lounge and somebody asked me what I had been doing. I just said reading comics.
Every day for the rest of the week I worked on combining the girdles and corset together looking for the ultimate way of putting the packing in. Then testing with the toolbox I tried to optimise the white-hot area to the whole stomach area. I tried after two hours to raise the legs and then lowering them which 100% relaxes the stomach. Without the toolbox on I found the crush very intense when the stomach relaxed but with the toolbox on my eyes just watered. It was time to apply my next level. I found 50 lbs (approximate 22 Kilograms) of counter weights used on the old imperial scales. This was the first time I felt like passing out. Being winter and being shirtless to work with girdles and corset I had no clothing on, lying on a carpet floor I threw a blanket over me and went to sleep. I woke up two hours later with a numb belly. I put everything away and went down to the lounge and sat in front of the open log fire. Warmed up, showered and went to bed.
It was now Thursday night this was the night for a prolonged compression. I put overalls on and decided to drive to Whanaunui Beach. When I sat in my van (something I never did in the girdles or corset) I discovered a second crushing. When a person sits down their belly pushes out. This was different from flexing the muscles so it did not sideways squeeze. Driving was a nice experience, constant belly squeeze but not intense. I had loosened the cords a bit to prevent the unwanted sideways squeeze.
I walked up and down the hill (the beach has 30 metre cliffs) with the corset. Walking down hill makes a person tense their stomach and this ended of the nights gut crushing. I loosened the cords but when I got back to the hotel I tightened the cords and explored the sitting down secondary crush. It was felt more in the lower belly so I increased the packing there. I reached the point where I could not sit upright. I lay on the floor and tried bring my knees to my chest. My eyes were watering and I only lasted minutes. I put the toolbox on top but fount the top of the stomach under crushed.
The next night I decided the girdles including the tube ones on. The packing was place in the girdles but not the corset. I put the overalls over top and drove out to the beach. I placed the corset on in the public toilet once I got there. I was going to have the whole hour at the beach. I had the girdles placing pressure on my belly and the corset driving the packing into my belly. I went to a secluded part of the cliffs; I lay down and placed a rock on my belly. Intense crush but not immense, I needed a bigger rock. I found a bigger rock but as I always, I wanted more. It was after dark so I just laid there. I was going to lay there until the sideways pull occurred. I gave up because I was getting cold lying on the one spot without moving. To my pleasant surprise it was 3 hours and no sideways squeeze. I placed some rolled up plastic bags on the top of my hip to increase the pressure and I wore the corset back to the boarding house. When I got to the beach turn off I decided to go left taking me through Kai Iwi instead of Saint Johns. The extra 30 minutes of a very hot secondary crush burn was well enjoyed.
I decide on sleep when I got back so I put the gear away but before I did I laid on my side and brought my knees to my chest. I then rolled onto my back and the intense crushing sensation change. This was a lot more successful than the previous attempt of lying on the back and then bringing the knees to the chest. I turned facing down on my shins folded up tight. Yes that was the intensity I wanted all night. It seemed like minutes but the sideways squeeze occurred. That was it bed time but I had burn in my abdomen from the crush.
I wish I could have held the position for longer. I normally do not like pain in a squeeze but that intensity was fantastic.
The next Friday I put the all of the gear on; tubes, panties type, thigh squeezers, packing as well as the corset. I did not fasten the corset up tight. I brought a scoop of chips from the St Johns Hill chip shop and went out to Westmere Lake. Did the laces up and ate the chips. I was grunting to get through them all. It was the only time I tried eating while pack and wrapped.
I went for a walk around the lake. I had picked up the hydraulic bottle jack and torch. I got about ten minutes in and my bloating gut was causing me to lean back as I walked. I knew if the bloat expanded my waist the crush was over. I spotted a brunch had fallen from a tree on the ground. I slipped the jack in and lifted it up place myself underneath.
I lowered the branch down onto the packing. I immediately started discharging gas out of my rectum, which was heavily compressed by all the pack and wrap and secondary of a large tree branch. Where I had compress the large colon I could feel the gas escaping through the narrowed tubing. My whole belly was vibrating from the gas trying to pass through squashed closed intestines. The vibrations were alternating between explosive expansions followed by a crushed in deep sensation moving around the abdomen. There were strings of this fluctuation all through my belly. Apart from the smell it was interesting the extremes that were occurring. It seemed like forever but the gas finally stop coming out.
I was happy with the immense pressure on my guts. I woke up about ninety minutes before dawn (apparently I passed out). I jacked the branch off me and went back to my car. Passing out was not on the planned list. I had been in the crush for 11 hours.
My circulation was not restricted, something I was not aware of was I would have died if I released the pressure and a toxin build up got released (lucky there was not one). It was normal for my belly to adjust to the compression but the branch had endless crush. It was the gas that cushioned the intensity at the beginning. I most likely would have bailed out from underneath the branch when I first introduced it on my guts. This was not secondary crushing; the branch without the pack and wrap was way too much crush. The fact that the tree was secondary crushing exceeded my limit.
Waking up to the intensity was brilliant, the pain was convulsing. Now walking around the lake back to the van I debating whether to take off or loosen the corset. No way I decided as I was experiencing intense (not immense) compressions as I walked. It was fantastic feeling. I used the torch looking for squashing branches that I could do in the vertical position like I had at Cooks Garden.
I found one, got in using the jack for access. It was not immense but intense enough to enjoy. Then I spotted the trunk behind the crossway branch. Using the jack between to branch and opposite trunk I pushed branch deeper into my belly. Intensifying the pressure. When I decided I had gone too far I gave one extra pump on the handle. Then another.
It was light when I woke up. Sun was just above the horizon and I did not want to be seen in a crush so I got my self out of it and returned to the car (it must have been an hour this time).
I sat in the van knowing I had only one hour before sideways motion of the corset. I was enjoying the secondary crush of sitting in the corset with all the previous nights compression still registering (it was tingling but not burning). I drove to Brunswick. I knew behind the church there I could do yet another crush. Hopefully reset the corset time. I could not use anything in the church but the bush area behind it had dense trees area so I went looking for another crushing branches again. I found one and it was in the hollow, out of site of the track, I found the ideal branch with some special about it.
This time I could use the jack on the branch press into my belly while sitting. The corset was tight on my abdomen from the sitting position before the branch pressure was released on my stomach. Once I had released the jack so the branch was squeezing my guts I repositioned the jack on the other side. Pushing against a trunk of another tree; the jack was pushing the branch into my belly, my eyes almost rolled back. The entire branch was beneath the rib height. I sat there for about ten minutes. I was squirming under the compression. It was not painful just very intense. I had pack and wrap pressure, sitting pressure and branch hydraulically pressed into me. The branch seemed to tighten up on me and I passed out for one hour. I woke up and numbness throughout my guts. I had been in the corset for nearly 15 hours. I wanted more so I jack the branch in tighter. The numbness changed into alternating sensations of heavy compression, white-hot burning, and tingling, pulsating and intense ache. I decided to keep pumping the jack until I passed out. Another hour passed when I woke up.
I drove into the Kai Iwi Forest some 12 miles away, seeking another belly super compression opportunity. I knew the corset would reset the sideways crush so I kneeled and folded over, that brought pain. My belly wanted to extend out because of the way it was bent over and the pack and wrap was pushing it in. I jacked up the front of the van lay under the van axel and lowered the van axel on me. It was not immense but I was going for a delay in sideways crush. I gave it five minutes and I got out from underneath the van and spotted another fallen tree metres from the van. I found the ideal branch to use but first I went and did another multiple crushes. I picked up a branch that was 4 - 6 inches wide broken off and loose. Kneel down, placed it on my lap under the gut, I then bent over it trying touch the ground with my face. Epic failure, all it was achieving was wood pushed against/into my legs. I looked back at the original branch again and jacked it up. Lying underneath the branch released the jack. That pressed in deeper than all other branches so far. I woke up at noon. I just stayed under the branch. Tried to do a crunch, leg lifts, I tried pushing with stomach muscles, and they were spent. I then started jacking up the branch and letting it slam back into my stomach. I managed to do that three times and woke up at 2 o'clock. I got out from beneath the branch with a burning sensation inside the hip. Bending forward was hard, bending back ached, stretching the abdomen was painful, I felt successful. As I walked my guts still under corset compression pulsed. My entire inside must have shifted around. I sat in the car until the sideways crush came now 4 o'clock. I knew I should take the compression gear off but I returned to the fallen tree. I picked another branch; placed myself underneath and went for full crush once more and passed out again. The long branch I chose had other branches fallen on it. I woke up and it was dark, it was ten o'clock. I had now spent 28 hours with corset on and most of it in intense to immense gut crushing. I had not brought the torch, as it was a daylight crush. I fumbled around, jacked the branch off me. Went back to the car stashed in the trees. Moonlight was great stuff, I could see, I sat in the van and waited for the corset to pull in sideways debating removal. I decided no and I did not take of the gear. I used the torch to find the crushing tree. I spotted a branch I totally missed the first two times, it was a sitting under branch. Back to a trunk of a tree I was in sitting position and the branch across the abdomen.
The packing had slipped off the top of the hip and was in front of the hip. I got out of the gap and shuffled everything, then slid back in and started another crush. I had too much on the lower abdomen I felt the intestines move as the branch squeezed. Lights out. Woke up and it was daylight. It was 8 am. I got out of the forest and went back to Wanganui. Belly was aching when I stretched or folded. Most of my intestines moved up to the chest. The only thing stopping them going all of the way up was the compressed colon at the top under the ribs.
It was Sunday and only 8 in the morning. This was not going to stop here and now. I had not eaten since Friday night. I had not drunk anything since Friday night. I had no bowel movement or empty the bladder. I had not showered since Friday. I had been gut squashing for 38 hours and wanted more. I decided that I could not be seen where I was parked and returned to fallen tree. I took the corset off; the body tubes, and the packing. I started the process of pack and wrap from scratch setting up the packing under a single body tube. Then I placed a folded towel over the packing I had found in the car. Put the rest of the body tubes on followed by the corset. I felt ready. Went back the nights sitting branch. Jacked open the gap, slipped in and released the jack. Minutes later I spotted the ultimate branch. I needed to lay under it but I could crush by using a jack between two branches forcing the branch into me.
I was wrong because it was too close to the trunk where branches do not bend under the jack. I got out disappointed that I done all the crushing I was going to get. I saw a ground hollow under the trunk but I could not jack a 25-ton tree up. I went back to the sitting branch.
Laying down the corset cause a sunken belly, sitting causes a belly that wants to extend. Additional squashing in either position was different. I wanted to keep increasing the squeeze when the intestines adjusted. I wanted a branch to tight to climb into without the jacks help and then be hydraulically pushed in. Brunswick style. I had the wrong tree. I looked around and found a tree the met the criteria. The unassisted squash was not much but the jack brought the pressure. When the crush became too much I pumped 4 times on the handle. When I woke up I pumped two more times. This went on 4 times. The last time I woke up I looked at the jack, the branch pushed into my belly and then my watch. I had been at the crushing for 48 hours. I pumped the hand 4 more times. The jack was hydraulically bypassing, the branch I was pushing against broke. I felt massive pressure come off. I did not realise how much press was on me. I got up and went to the sitting at branch. Pined my self in and stayed conscious for one hour. I released myself from the tree and drove back to the boarding house.
I removed the corset, packing and girdles. I found it hard to stand, as the muscles were in spasms and not able to support my body. I had a shower but I could not eat. My lower belly was tingling; the middle ached in some positions. I was crushed for 2 days. I went to bed. I woke up in the morning, dressed and went down for breakfast. The insides still felt like they were in the wrong place. I had a light fever and struggled to eat breakfast. I thought I had broken the insides. Not so.
I pushed biked to work and was struggling to move things. It was not abdominal pain but discomfort with no energy. I was throwing up breakfast when the boss arrived. She said to me, "Go to the doctor and then home if you are ill."
I do not know any doctors were my response thinking it was self-inflicted.
She then said I take you to mine.
The doctor said I had the flu. He asked about my work and described it as heavy moving staking 140 kilogram wool packs. He asked me if I was fainting, as a lot of heavy workers were fainting.
The onset of flu was the reason I kept passing out. I was happy with it being a flu. If I did not have the flu I would have had done 1 hour of crushing in the weekend. I got 49 hours. The next weekend I went to the Kai Iwi Forest found better fallen trees. Went in with an empty stomach and left at dawn. I stayed conscious and tried the pump the jack twice every hour. Sitting with a stomach that want to extend pressed in almost the spine.
I would love to have the ability to remove all the gear including the tree and see what the abdomen looks like supper crushed.
The corset took a betting and started falling apart. I met a sower who dropped off all her off cuts to us. We put them in a flocking machine. She for half a weeks wages made me a belly band. It was super strong material but unlike the corset only one panel. It fitted around my ribs comfortably. The fastening at the front was base on the corset but purpose built for gut crushing. When done up it only touches my belly but drives packing big time.
I still pack and wrap. Place so much packing on the Colon areas that I cannot sit. Then lay down on front, back and sides, try and do leg lifts, get the knees to the chest. Place weights on top or set up weight that fluctuates on and off.
Now for guys uses of panty girdles. The ones that only cover the butt place pressure on the front lower section. With 12 or so fitted place the hand down about 3 layers or 7 and rub try and move your penis. The penis is under crush and for those who do not know what that means. When penis is being squashed it pushes back. They swell harder and ejaculates faster and more. Grip around tightly or stand on them and the will grow and discharge.

Sorry if this is poorly written but I was tired writing and readjusting and adding bits
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