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My early belly squashing

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As a child I love having pressure pressing my belly front to the back. This goes before I was even 5 years old. I think it was because when sat on an older person lap they would put there are around me and give a squeeze. Kindergarten Teachers did this a lot and I loved feeling the squeeze. I would have asked for a more intense squeeze if I knew that they probably would. I now think this is not an affectionate hug but an opportunist feel of squishy abdomen. Babies are soft and they cannot complain to the parents because they do not know a boundary had been crossed. I now know that I missed the fact people like to compress the other people's midsection.
I did not realise that people liked squeezing somebodies belly or having their own belly squeezed. I thought it was just me so I used objects instead of people to keep my desires secret. If I knew back then that to get someone to stand on my belly was simple I would have had my stomach squashed daily. Also if I knew that to get to place my weight on someone else's midriff I would have fulfil their desires and mine at the same time often.
How does a 5 year old apply crush on their guts. At this stage I did not know that I enjoyed weight on my chest too. I did not have a trouser belt at that age and the old car sitting on the back lawn had no seatbelt. Those are the common ways and not available.
Lucky I had some strength at the young age and could lift the bunk leg high enough to slide myself underneath. The bunks were all steel construction with tubular legs. It was a one-inch wide tubing and poked me rather than pressed my belly. It was uncomfortable and undesirable. I wanted a large area (close to all of the abdominal area) to have pressure on it. I looked to wooden blocks and books for good coverage of the belly area.
The bed was 45 kilograms fully assembled but I have no idea how much of the weight was on me as the frame and base twisted so I would say less than a quarter of the weight. Spring loading from the twisting might have added some. I knew it was not enough to satisfy my craving for compression so I tried pulling it into me. I needed a better set up and that did not come until I was a teenager.
I was 7 years old when at school I was attacked by a bully. This beastly 10 year old attacked my from behind bringing me to the ground. We did not know each other but he singled me out for verbal and physical abuse. He spun me over so I was facing up. He was satisfied with my bleeding nose, which I suspect is the reason I was not punched so much.
Then he placed both feet on my belly; occasionally during this assault he dropped his knees on to my chest, but most of it his weight was on his feet, with a lot of moments on the front of his feet. The violence scared me just because it seemed so irrational and I did not know how to react.
Some how I separated the violence from the fact he was giving me a belly trampling.
I guess he thought he was pinning me down to feel helpless as part of the abuse but it felt so right having someone full weight (the size difference was he was 3 years older) but he was rhythmically bouncing as well. The rage I did not need or like but this first belly trampling stirred things deep inside me to dedicate my free time to applying compression to my midriff.
The violence of a rear attack left me scared; walking to school, walking home from school I looked over my shoulder, I did not walk onto the field alone for the rest of the year. Apparently he was moved school as he attacked other children.
Before then when I was ten I got the in a situation of this muscularly kid attacked me. I somehow pushed him over and with my hands on his belly I got my weight fully on top of him. I could feel his muscles, and they were not pushing in but he was moaning in pain. A couple more moves I had my shin on his belly, it felt solid but he was crying in pain. I got off him because I thought an adult was coming.
This confused me as I could see this kids muscles but he could not handle weight. My abdominal muscle never showed yet I love pressure on my belly and could press against the weight. I want to explore why on his abdomen hurt. I wanted to feel his muscles again.
This was my first time I got to squash someone and it was an epic failure and left me wondering about a lot of things. I wanted squash other muscular belly, experimenting on them. Whether they were male or female I did not care. I want to learn about muscular stomachs.
As a teenager I spent time on a farm and there was old cars in the barn that I used to squash myself with. I jack the cars up; I lay under chassis rails, and lowered these cars down onto me. The weight was on the wheels and springs but I could set the distance that it was pressing me in by placing boards underneath me.
The car I was using was called a Humber Hawke. It was about 3200 kilograms but it was sprung weight. I could push the car up by extending my gut using my abdominal muscles. Once I had enough crushing I would push the car up for relief. Then I would release succumbing to crush.
Something I did not realise was in the weekly hunting trips walking up and down the hills while carrying the rabbits I was exercising my abdominal muscles to the point they were rock solid. They never showed, my belly looked soft but I was harder than most kids. I had been rabbit hunting on Uncles farm from the age of 5.
I wanted more pressure so I tried to change from sprung weight to dead weight by removing the wheels on my side. This meant I had lost control of maximum crush depth. I placed boards under the rail next to me but in reality if the car fall I think it wound of knocked them over. I was very lucky to get away with this.
If it came all the way down to the brake drum the chassis rail would have pressed down on my spine. I got an absolute and extreme crushing but still manage to push the car full height of my belly. I still remember the clunk noise the car chassis rail hitting the boards when I dropped the car on the jack quickly.
The longer I made the squashing session the deeper I could lower the car into my midsection cavity. As I stopped pushing up I saw the car coming down until hit the boards but I also felt it drive into my belly compressing my gut. I had learnt not go for the deep crush straight up but work my way to it. This gave my guts to adjust and relocate painlessly. It never deprived me of the feeling of white-hot compression, the compressed intestine sensation or deep crush feeling do it that way. There were times where my leg was spasmodically moving from the crush and I would let the crush ride until it settled down.
I was self-crushing 4 hours a day for 5 months. Loved every minute of it.
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