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Gas Station Trample Story

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I used to work in a Gas Station as a teenager, I was working there part time whilst studying at college, as I recall I was around 17 or 18 years old and hadn’t been trampled by very many girls at the time which is probably why I remember this experience so well. This is a story of a real life experience that happened around 20 years ago. I have of course been trampled by many girls / women since but like I say this is one of my first.

It was quite a boring job if I’m honest and I’m not sure about you guys but when I get bored my mind wanders and I often daydream about trampling, I remember I used to sit there and sketch little trampling pictures in pencil on the notepad by the cashier’s till. Working in a gas station is quite the lonely and solitary profession but it does have one advantage; you have the place entirely to yourself so if a trample opportunity were to arise you can take it without worrying about colleagues watching you getting walked on, which at that age is something you would definitely be concerned by.

So onto the story… One day such an opportunity did arise and as I was alone I was able to take it. I was sitting at the desk when an old friend from school walked in, her name was Elizabeth. I hadn’t seen her since leaving school which was just a couple of years previous at most. I knew that Elizabeth had a thing for me, in fact I had kissed her once before while I was at school. She wasn’t really my type and I didn’t fancy her a great deal, she did however have incredibly large breasts, she was one of those early developers and had probably the largest breasts of all the girls in my year. She also had a large and perfectly rounded bubble butt, which is why I kissed her at school, I just wanted to get my hands on it and I did and yes it was firm, pert and perfectly shaped. She could be described as a little “trashy” in my opinion at least, she wore a short puffer jacket with very tight jeans and sneakers, she had red hair and big hooped earrings. A lot of girls dressed like that in the 90s and although it wasn’t a very classy look it did show off the buttocks extremely well which is what caught my attention.

As she walked upto the counter I was thinking to myself I’m all alone and I know very well that I could likely get this girl to walk on me but how should I go about it? I’ll use the good old “bad back routine” I thought, that’s probably the best one to try.

We greeted each other and began to reminisce, I could tell she still had the hots for me which is great. I still didn’t fancy her. I literally just wanted her to stand on me to quench my desire to be trampled that day. In all honesty I probably could have just asked her to stand on me because it turns me on and I reckon she would have done it. But you know what it’s like at that age you don’t want everyone finding out about your fetish so I still went with the old bad back routine. I can’t remember exactly how I worked it into the conversation but it was something along the lines of pulling something in my back from moving boxes around in the store and “I could probably do with someone walking on it for me”, she instantly replied with “oh I’ll walk on you” she said it quite sexily so I replied with “Oh really? You would?”. “Yes” she said, she then said that she used to walk on one of her relatives to ease his back pain. I can’t remember who maybe an uncle or something and then she also said that she used to “walk all up his front too”!!. Wow I thought! Looks like it’ll be quite easy to get her to walk on the front of me too, excellent stuff. I said “cool, let’s do it”. She waited for a moment while I served some other customers before locking the door and inviting her around the back into the office. It was a very small office with a hard and cold tiled floor. I laid down on my front and without hesitation she stood on my ass in her big bright white thick soled sneakers. I wasn’t expecting her to be very heavy, in-fact I’m not sure what I was expecting as I hadn’t had much experience with trampling at the time but I remember thinking she was a lot heavier than she looked, she wasn’t very tall but she was voluptuous and I’d say she weighed around 130-140lbs. This squashed my groin against the hard tiled floor, there was more pressure there than I had anticipated but being on the cushioned ass it was obviously quite bearable. She then took steps up my back which is when I really got to experience her weight, she did literally force all of the air out of my lungs for a moment causing me to turn bright red. There was a moment of realisation where I thought wow this is really happening and I’m really being squashed, just like I wanted. She didn’t stand up there for long, perhaps because she’d seen how red my face was and how difficult I was finding it under her weight, I couldn’t speak very well and I was strained to keep my composure. When she stepped off I rolled over onto my front and said “would you like to try the front too?”. Without hesitation she placed a foot very close to my groin and stepped up. She walked up my torso and stood squarely on my chest, I had a great view of her thick thighs and big round ass as she was crushing me. Again I really couldn’t breath under her, I had very little experience so I was finding it hard to catch my breath. She didn’t stand there for very long because I think she wanted things to go “further”. She knelt down and began to trample me with her knees, she was looking into my eyes and I felt she wanted to kiss me again. Things were going in a direction I didn’t really want to so told her I better get back to work now as some people were probably queuing outside the door. She let me up and walked back around to the front of the shop and I sat back on my cashier’s chair and got back to work. I of course told her it was great and thanked her for helping me out.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her again since she trampled me 20 years ago. It wasn’t anywhere near the best trample I’ve had but it was a genuine real experience and one of my first so I thought I would share it with you. I’ve since been trampled by much heavier women and I find it quite interesting to imagine how I would have felt back then if I was to be stood on by some of my more recent and heavier tramplers at that age.

Hope you all enjoy the story, any questions or comments are welcome.
I enjoy having my stomach stood on by very heavy women.
2 years 6 months ago #791

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First of all I am jealous you have had so many Females trample you. I take a trample from any source. Preference female but I would chose to have a guy crush me over missing out.
I would have been concerned about missing a customer while getting the trample. It would be difficult to explain a complaint to the boss.
Security cameras must be a concern. Why did you bring this Lady to the office during work hours?
Questions scare me straight.
2 years 1 month ago #860

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