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Soft Stomach Trample was created by Aria

So a lot of my trampling experiences were with friends or study partners I had in school. This one stood out to me since we were studying together for our finals (we shared several of the same classes so we helped each other out a lot). She was in pajamas while I was in sweats during our study sessions. During a study break that evening, I looked up from my notes and had just spotted her bare feet as she stretched on the other side of the living room in her apartment. I couldn't help but stare at how smooth they looked from where I was sitting. When she turned around, I found myself wanting to feel them against my stomach.

"Did you do something with your feet today?" I blurted out. She blinked, taken aback by the question before looking at her feet for a second.

"I actually did get them pedicured," she beamed, flexing her toes. Now that I'd gotten a better look, I could see the french tips on the ends. "It was definitely worth it."

"Do you think you could step on me?" I'd asked. The words had come out of my mouth before I realized I'd said them. She stared at me for several seconds looking from me to her toes and back again. She tilted her head to the side.


My mouth went dry. I cast my mind frantically, trying to come up with a good reason. "I wanted to see how much progress I've made with my ab workouts." I prodded my abs and couldn't quite stop the smile as my finger met muscle. This had the benefit of being true as I had taken to going to the gym regularly to build core strength.

"Hmm..." she hummed thoughtfully. Smiling faintly. "Okay."

I was taken aback. I hadn't expected her to say yes so quickly.

Still smiling, she pointed to the carpet next to the wall and I lay down, graciously accepting the pillow she offered me. I felt my mouth dry as I looked up at her towering over me. It was a strange experience for me to have her looming over me since I was a couple inches taller than her.

"Let me know if I start to hurt you, okay?" she said gently, raising a size 5 dainty foot and lowered it down onto my stomach. I merely nodded, tensing my abdominal muscles to help brace myself. As her right foot gently met my abdomen, I silently reveled in how soft her feet felt against my stomach. As she gradually added more of her weight, I strained to keep her up. Thankfully, her weight was made more manageable after her left foot joined her right on my lower abdomen. I felt like I was on cloud nine as she pressed down first with the ball of her foot then the heel in a seemingly rhythmic motion that it felt more like a massage than a proper aggressive trample.

I simply reveled in the feeling as she flexed her toes against my stomach before gradually bouncing onto the balls of her feet and then the heels and then she repeated the motion in reverse.

"You're not very heavy," I said between quick breaths when she wasn't digging into my stomach with her toes. She grinned down at me and seemed to take that as an invitation as she started to stomp my stomach. At first it was gentle, much like her trampling, but slowly it became increasingly aggressive and it was all I could do to keep from losing my breath entirely. I was sorely tempted to just give and let her feet sink deeper still into my abs.

I watched as she switched up her technique in which she tried to force her entire foot down onto my abs. I listened as she braced the wall and gave a little grunt and tried to push down against my abs.

"You sure are strong, Aria," she complimented as her rhythmic stomps continued to pound away and my gradually fatiguing abs. "I admit, I was worried that I would hurt you especially when I thought I felt your pulse with my toes." She stood up on her tip toes and it took all my effort by that point not to let her sink. "But I'm pleased to see that your abs are as strong as you say they are."

She glanced back at the clock and gasped. "We have to get back to work!" She quickly clambered off me. I wanted to protest but realized that it would be a lost battle just then. She glanced back at me, grinning cheekily. "If we make good progress, I might stand on you again."

I chuckled as I rejoined her at the table, disappointed that it had ended but happy that it had happened at all.
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Replied by flatstomach on topic Soft Stomach Trample

Great story Aria I really enjoyed reading that, I also love stomach trample so I'm very please to meet you. How much did she weigh? You say she was shorter than you but was she very heavy for her size? I love it when a girl is heavier than she looks! Also did she stand on you again after you finished your work? Love to hear more, you have lots of views for a story that was posted so recently you must be a damn good writer.

Thanks, flatstomach x
I enjoy having my stomach stood on by very heavy women.
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Replied by Aria on topic Soft Stomach Trample

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how much she weighed. If I had to guess, possibly 50 kg? Unfortunately she did not. It was quite late that evening and we both had classes the following morning. She did stand on me again several more times after this initial one though and those stories will be forthcoming!

I’m pleased that people are enjoying it. I’m interested to hear what everyone has to say.
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Replied by Trampled-Amy on topic Soft Stomach Trample

I'm about 10kg heavier than her, think you could take me standing on your stomach?

I'm a girl that likes other girls to step on my abs. A stomach trample enthusiast.
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Replied by footurban on topic Soft Stomach Trample

Thank you Trampled Amy i love your picture of weigh in !!
So nice feet please be careful and keep them well.
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Replied by Aria on topic Soft Stomach Trample

I sure hope so. I didn’t know you’d considered trampling other people, Amy. I’d always assumed you preferred being trampled.
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