Feeling human body under foot

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Hello Everyone,
I've posted this story on other forums as well with my account name of Lucious.
This happened to me last year around November/December when it is hot here in Australia.

Few weeks ago, I was messing around with my friends ( 2 girls from my college) at my place. We were testing strengths of each other and both the ladies decided to team up against me and the loser has to treat winner by buying lunch for a week. They both aggressively attacked me by grabbing and pushing me back and at one point, one of my friend literally threw herself at me which made me trip and I fell on my back. One girl pinned my legs by standing with her each foot on each of my ankle with her hands on her hips and other stood beside my head and stood on each of my wrist. Both of them were barefoot.
They started countdown. I was supposed to be up before the count of 5 but they had me pinned really well. The countdown was finished and Natasha(one who stood on my leg) stepped down. Jenna( on my wrists ) still standing on my wrists puts her hands on her hips and said "fuck, I can feel his pulse under my feet..damn it's so cool".
Natasha starts walking towards me and plants her right foot on my chest with her toes pointing towards my chin and said "Step anywhere on his torso, you'll feel his heartbeats too".
After that they got engaged into conversation,
Jenna: (laughing little) what? feeling heartbeats? oh my god, that is so awesome. From where do you get this stuff? can you feel his heartbeats?
Natasha: (her foot still resting on my chest and smiling) Well, this is not first time I am stepping on someone hun, and yes I am feeling his heart pounding under my foot (gently presses her foot to apply more pressure). It's not just the heartbeat (lifts her foot from my chest and plants it on my stomach), if you apply enough pressure on any part of the body with your foot, you'll feel the blood flow, organs, pulses and infact you'll feel his breaths under your foot.
Jenna: Jesus Natasha, who are you?
Natasha (starts laughing): Are you telling me that you never stepped on anybody? Well my boyfriend and I fool around a lot and he always wants to wrestle me but he never tries to beat me, he just pretends to beat me but never really does as he's afraid he might hurt me so everytime I would end our wrestling with me posing like a wrestler on his body and during that I noticed what things I felt everytime when I stepped on him. I've also stood full weight on my younger bro, even he always gets into fight with me but he's too fat to move quickly so he gets real good beating from me.
Jenna(laughing): Fuckin' Hell, is he okay?
Natasha: What? I'm just 145 lbs and he's 260 lbs; that fat fuck can take you and me together standing on him.
Me(requesting): Girls, lets sit and talk. I am feeling little weird lying down here like this.
Natasha(requesting): No, stay down for a while, it feels so good. Can I stand full weight on you?
Jenna: Hey even I want to feel his heartbeats and organs with my feet.
Natasha: C'mon Lu, be a sport.
Me: On one condition, bet is off
Natasha: Ya ya..you cheap bastard.
Me: You have my permission to use me as your lab rat.
Jenna: I need to stand next to Natasha.
Natasha: Come here babe, stand right next to my left. ( Jenna comes and stands next to Natasha). Okay now what do you want to feel first
Jenna(excitingly): His blood flow and organs.
Natasha lifts her foot of my stomach and place it on my right thigh; she rests her right palm on her right thigh and puts her left hand on her hip.
Natasha: Okay then, put you foot his stomach.
Jenna gently lifts her right foot and slowly rests it on my stomach.
Natasha: What the fuck? are you stepping on your puppy or what? press harder.
Jenna carefully applies little pressure.
Natasha: Are you crazy? even a small baby wont feel a thing if you step like this.
*Natasha lifts her Right foot and plants it on Jenna foot which is resting on my stomach and pushes little aggressively*
Natasha: There you go, now can you feel his organs getting squished?
Jenna: Holy shit, I can feel vibrations under my foot, feels like something is moving inside him.
Natasha: That's his blood flow. Now press little harder so that you'll also feel his heart pounding even-though you're stepping on his stomach.
*Natasha applies more pressure on Jenna's foot and even Jenna gets more confident in applying pressure and even she presses little harder*
Me (coughing): Easy, easy girls; you are only supposed to feel my organs and pulses and whatever, you don't have to stop them.
*both laughed and said sorry*
Jenna: Whoa!! shit, it feels so cool.
*How to say them that the word they were looking for is powerful?*
Natasha: Now heartbeats and breathing.
Jenna: Yeah...
*Both remove their foot of my stomach*
*Natasha steps away and stands with her right hip out and both her hands on hips*
Natasha: Step horizontally on his chest and this time press it; more like pin him with your foot.
*Jenna steps horizontally with her foot on my chest and puts her both palms on her knees so she can apply enough pressure*
Jenna: Shit Nat, this idiot is so damn nervous, his heart is pounding so loud and fast. Still I can't feels his breathing.
*Natasha steps towards me and with hands still on hips*
Natasha to Jenna: Move.!!
*Jenna removes her foot off my chest and Natasha puts her foot vertically on my chest and stands full weight on one foot and immediately rests her other foot vertically next to other foot and with that she stands full weight on my chest facing me and her toes towards my chin and hands still on hips, looks down upon me*
Natasha: Turning Red huh?
Natasha(Sounding like a pro domme): Yeesssss... Now I can feel the air leaving out of your lungs and you're having trouble breathing.
Me: Yeah I am feeling the pressure but nothing that I can't handle.
Natasha: Oh is it? Jenna can you get down and put your hand just above his mouth; you're gonna feel something.
*Natasha raises her heels slowly and tries to stand tip toes; she successfully stands tip toes on my chest*
Natasha: Jenna are you ready?
Jeena: Yes Love.
*Natasha lands her heels heavily on my chest, forcing all the air out of my lungs, where air coming out my mouth was felt by Jenna on her hands*
Jenna(laughing cruelly): Oh my my, that was powerful sweetheart.
*Natasha flaunting the most cutest smile with hands on her hips stood on me for next half minute walking up and down on my chest and stomach and finally stepped down*.
*Natasha extended her hand to help me get up and hugged me lightly*.
Jenna thanked me for being a sport and kissed me on my cheeks and hugged Natasha for giving her such experience and they kissed each other lightly on lips.

I can't stop thinking about that day and would like to know from both girls and guys here that what are your thoughts on feeling human body under feet. To me it puts women at so powerful position that thinking itself make me feel I want to be on ground just under those beautiful soft feet.
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Replied by SidM on topic Feeling human body under foot

They felt ur heartbeats under their feet sounds sexy
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Man she is like a student Josephine I had trample me. She was the liver is here, now see if I can squash the Sh.t out of it. Going from point to point trying damage each component.
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