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After my Stepmom was created by stepmomsson

So after I moved out of my dad's house I kind of felt a little better about not having my dad's wife trampling me, until reality set in, I really believe I was in love with Joann, yea initially she did refuse to trample me , but before long she was encouraging me to keep going and not to quit trying to life her. Now that I think back on it, I think maybe she really wanted to trample me but she wanted to make sure I would not be hurt, I mean how would you explain it to your husband that you a 6ft 4 in 198 pound woman trampled his son? Think about it would you say OH HE WANTED ME TO TRAMPLE HIM or do you say something like I WANTED TO SEE WHAT IT FELT LIKE ? or try and explain it as an accident but you know sooner or later your going to slip up and get caught. But what ever we had over 8 years of fun, I will admit it left an empty feeling inside me, like part of me is missing.
After I moved out I had several girl friends but none of them were into trampling, stomping, having there toes sucked or smelled, one would allow me to massage her feet about once a month, I found a place that offered ( massages ) I soon learned the difference between them, after I found the kind I was looking for I paid a woman to trample me , but it was just not the same, so I paid 2 women to trample me, I guess you know I got some strange looks, but still it was not the same something was missing.
Then one day I hit the lottery not a lot it was $250.00 I didn't really need anything so I kept the money for a rainy day, then one night I had a dream about 3 women trampling me at once, one on my stomach one on my chest and one on my face, that weekend I hired 3 women to trample me, I don't know what I was thinking, we got to the room and the one girls says you know we are going to flatten you like a pancake, I asked them what each of them weigh? they talked amongst them selves and said we wont tell you what each of us weigh, a woman never tells how much she weighs but between the 3 of us were a little over 450 pounds total, maybe I took it to far this time? but they were paid for already, one by one they climbed up on me , truthfully it was not that bad, probably because there combined weight was spread out over my body, but it didn't work out with 3 women they are to busy talking about this and talking about that, it might have been different if they were would have been paying attention, instead of talking and screwing around. If one would fall or slip off me she would grab one of the other girls and she would fall off me, then the third girl would be laughing she would fall off me, then it would take them forever to straighten out and all of them start trampling me again.
I've tried a couple times with 3 women but it never worked out, I don't know why if its 1,2, or 3 women its just not the same.
I thought maybe it was the attitude of the women that made a difference, at last count I think I had in the neighbor hood of 50+ different women trample me but none of them made a difference I honestly can not tell you why I didn't enjoy it as much as I did with Joann, I've had small women, tall women, light women, heavy women, its just not the same, hopefully some day I'll find another woman like Joann.
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