A teenage fantasy

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Before I post this I will say that it was written by a teenager to whom being trample is a fetish. It has some sexual overtones. which some are not proper in my view.
It has some aspects that Mary would like of an undersized teenager getting trample by very tall woman.

The story changes from third person to first person. I am going to blame that on exhauston. It is a long read

Saim is in his Teen and was mostly at home for the holidays with his mother. Like most of Saim age was into the toy of the moment, always procrastinating about how he was going to be a wrestler and skateboarder.
People liked Saim; he acted like nothing was wrong with him even when able-bodied people complained around him. Everyone admired him for that. Saim had a body of a Kid Because of some medical problems. He no longer got upset when people assumed him to be much younger. He didn't even wince when he was praised at how well he could talk just because he strung a few sentences together.
Neelum was proud of him but wished he could be stronger. Neelum Khan knew that Saim was depressed with his lack of strength and worried all the time about the future and the implications of his anxiety. Saim was popular not just because of his positive attitude in public but also because of his mother.
The boys in Saim's grade used to stare at her wide mouthed and the older kids would remark on how hot she was. Saim used to like hearing people saying things like that about her but now he was fed up it. Ok so his mother was beautiful but even at seven he decided that people should actually bother to get to know the things about his mother that weren't just about her appearance.
Whatever was said about her was usually correct, Neelum looked incredible she still outdid many supermodels even with her slightly big butt. She's 5'11" tall and has great legs. She loved to wear Nice Dresses and she'd go around barefoot all the time. She was so fine it's almost beyond words. She had the body of an Amazon goddess. She was really toned back in the early days but had now put on a little extra weight and filled out some but she was still awesome to look at.
Her butt was so rounded, like a big perfect peach, with her elegant frame it was still an oversized butt and Saim couldn't help himself but stare at it whenever he got the chance. Men were always going crazy around her whenever she wore anything tight around her butt. Saim remembered one guy saying: "My God would you look at that ass? She is like, better than J'Lo's." It was her legs however that Saim was the biggest fan of. Saim would definitely be a legman because of her now.
Neelum and one of her best friends Sarah Munir were peas in a pod. What they shared was an attitude and a lifestyle. Among their common bonds was a unified position of supplication to their husbands. Saim wanted to be a fire fighter; the physique he would require later in life seemed far beyond his puny build. Saim, an extremely small child, at TEEN he looks like a kid but had strength beyond his size and years.
It all started when he was TEEN. He was trying to get his mom to carry out his fetish of trampling and he'd been up all night thinking of a way. It turns out mom had few fetishes of her own. Saim wasn't sure exactly what she weighed at the time but she looked really good. He'd had a foot fetish since women's feet were all he was used to seeing in his infancy, being so small and always getting under his mother's feet whilst playing with his toys.
His newfound enjoyment of trampling started when he was trampled two times by Maya Ali and her cousin sister as a punishment for calling them names at Maya's party. After that, he would dream about it, what it would be like a to have a proper 'grown-up' trample him, barefoot, trample his face, his body, the thought made Saim quiver inside in a really good way. He'd always thought of himself as very strong for his age, the fact is, that despite his size, the kid had a lot of heart and from somewhere, Saim really was strong beyond his looks.
He had decided to try to get his Mom to stand on him. His father took a lot of 3 and 4-day business trips so he had a lot of time at home with her. It all started the day she was relaxing in the living room and he dared to give his plan a shot. "Mommy?"
"Yes baby"
"Do you think I am really strong?"
"...Sure Saim."
Saim looked on as his mother continued reading her book. "Strong enough that you couldn't hurt me easily? Like if we had a fight?
"Neelum looked bemused. "Huh? I don't know about that Saim, I do have a slight size advantage over you."
If Saim stood along side his mother his head was the same level as her bum. Saim trembled with nervous excitement as he asked the next question in his little script, "Well I think, I think I would not get hurt, like, you could do almost anything with me."
"What like hitting you?"
"No, more like, if I laid... lay... if I went down on the ground, you could stand on me, on my chest or something and like, not even hurt me, heh."
The little shy giggle at the end alerted Neelum that this was something he was very keen to get an answer on... she knew her son better than anyone else. Neelum laughed, her shoulders bouncing. "You are kidding, Saim, if I stepped on you, you wouldn't have a chest left!"
"I could take it mom, can we try?"
"No Saimiel! I am way too heavy to step on you. That would even hurt a grown man letalone you, why on earth would you want me to stand on you?"
Saim was prepared for this question, he had a good feeling, and it was going better than he thought it would, his Mom wasn't even angry or anything. "Mommy, I want to be strong and tough... the boys in school have com... compa... compar"
Saim's baby talk was so endearing his mother was reminded. "Yeah, competitions to see who's the most strong. Who takes the most pain and not wussout."
"Well, they call me 'Big Guy' because I'm so small but they know I really want to try... but they won't let me play properly because I'm so small. They don't treat me like a normal kid. They see who can lift the most and I want to be the best in my grade..."
"Yes Saim, you've got a lot of heart, so you think that you're going to prove something by getting an adult to hurt you?"
"Yeah, well, no, because I know that I could take any of the things in the competitions and if you could help me by standing on me... then I'd just go show off, prove to them I'm stronger than I look."
"Oh Saim."
"Please mommy you got to stand on me so I can take Neelum Razi and Arisha Razi (His School's Seniors Who bullied him) standing on me, I got to prove I can be tough like them."
"Saim, you don't need to prove anything to anyone, you know that right?"
"Mom I want to prove it for me...please."
"OK Saim, ok I get it, but standing on you... that's too much. Isn't there another way you can get tough?"
"Um... I don't think so."
"Standing on you... that's too much baby..." Neelum thought for a few seconds then looked at him strangely with her head cocked to the side. "What about if I were to sit on you?"
"Er, sit on me?" Saim wasn't prepared for this.
"Yeah, that's not so harsh."
"Er..." It was Saim's turn to think. "Wait mom, I got it! I can try to lift you."
"Ha! Not even a chance of that, you have no idea how heavy I am"
True, Saim didn't have any idea what she weighed but he was a smart kid and figured immediately that this would be a good way to score some points with her. "Oh, you probably weigh about ......130 to 140 lbs."
Neelum guffawed "Oh God I do love you, if only your father took a leaf from your book, all ever hear is how much weight I've put on over the years. If you tried to lift me you would wish I did only weigh that much."
"Well, you can't weigh much more than that Mom, you look great. "Neelum broke out a big smile.
"Thanks baby, you don't know how happy that makes me feel, but when you are 5'11"and solid, you can hide a lot of weight. I weigh 188 pounds."
Saim was at a lost for words for a second, he had no idea that Mom was that heavy and was even scared for a second wondering if his plan had got him in deeper than his poor little body could ever handle. Saim was only 3'3" tiny for his age, stunted growth; the doc-tors said it was something to do with the illness Saim experienced in his infancy. She had to say something; he couldn't let her see his shock as it would ruin everything. Saim's mouth was already saying the words before he realised it.
"So? That's nothing, what matters is that you look great Mom, and you can still stand on me, I want to try, I can take it, and I want to lift you, it'll make me strong. If you stand on me I'll get stronger in my body and my bones"
Neelum just smiled, but it looked like she was thinking about something intently. Saim remembered how she worded something a few seconds ago. She said "IF ever" step on you, that is better than, "I will never." Maybe it was all in his head.
Neelum had been thinking about something, something from way back, yet she still thought about it every few hours, every day, her own thing. She couldn't quite justify it but she figured that if she were to let her son go down this route for a couple of years she could probably get away with it. Either that or he'd have changed his mind about this by then.
Neelum was in a very dull marriage, not sexless just dull. The idea of standing on someone wasn't a giant leap from what she was thinking about, but she couldn't believe she was imagining it with her tiny seven-year-old son. It was the 'tiny' factor that made him all the more attractive as a feature in her fantasy.
"You really want to get tough huh?"
"Saim, listen to me; if I were to stand on you I'd break your bones, sitting on you wouldn't be so harsh."
"I could take it mom. I really could, I'd let you know if I couldn't, promise."
Neelum sighed. "Okay baby, I'll make you a deal" She paused and smiled that beautiful smile. "I'm prepared to sit on you a little, that's all, but when you can lift me lift off the ground, THEN, you'll clearly be strong enough for me stand on you, how's that?
"Saim thought he was going to faint. She smiled even more. "It's a deal mom!"
"But Saim you might not be able to lift me for a couple of years, you'd have to get stronger slowly, you can't just jump in there, you'll do yourself damage and I'm not going risk hurting you."
"Oh... okay mom." Saim couldn't hide his disappointment.
Neelum felt sympathy for him. "You still want to be a fireman like your uncle huh?"
Neelum dare not shatter his dreams by reminding him of his size. She knew better than that. "Well let's see how you do, c'mere."
"Come here, I'm going to show you why I can't stand on you..." Saim walked up to his mother. She stood up, "Lie down here baby, this is the only way you're going to understand."
His mother was pointing to the sofa where she'd been sitting. Saim looked at the sofa, he wasn't expecting anything to happen so soon. He looked up at her towering over him, his tall mother always made him feel even smaller. He clambered up on the couch, and rested, lying down on his side.
"No sweetie, on your back."
Saim issued a frustrated sigh and then moved so that he was flat on his back. Neelum smiled and looked him over. "Good, now, I'm going to sit on you."
"Um, mom, but standing on me is the best way, my body would have to get stronger real quick wouldn't it?"
"Sorry Saim, it just doesn't quite work like that, my feet don't have a great deal of what's called surface area, which means that you'd be having all my weight Concentrated in a very small area, imagine how much damage that would do?"
"Mom, really I can take it, you could stand on me right now, honest."
"No honey that would hurt you too much, like I said, when you can lift me ok, til then I'll test you my way, trust me."
Saim didn't feel he should argue any more with her, he was overjoyed that he'd struck any deal at all; he was dismayed that he wasn't going to get trampled immediately. The thought of the future, his beautiful mother trampling him, that was the greatest thing he could think of.
"Are you ready?"
"I guess."

Neelum turned her back to her son and made to sit on him, checking back, she was too close to his head, and shifted down so she was over his chest. "Boy are you in for a surprise."
Saim watched his mother's big ass descending over his body; it was going to cover his whole torso. She lowered herself down and as her butt landed on his chest she was surprised to feel an incredible rush of adrenaline. As Saim watched and felt his mother sit on him he was overwhelmed by her colossal butt and the mass of her, everything he'd though about, all his naughty ideas about her trampling him vanished from his mind, like him these thoughts were crushed beneath her. He knew she was going to be heavy, he thought he was mentally prepared for this. His day-dreams though, could not feel the weight of being under her.
Neelum felt her son's tiny chest and stomach squish under her buttocks and just as she was about to lift her legs off the ground and put all her weight on him she caught herself and came to her senses. She didn't want Saim to really be in pain. "How's that feel huh?"
Saim couldn't answer, his lungs were crushed flat and his mind was focused on staying conscious, he wasn't up to a conversation.
"Saim, honey, I've never known you so silent..." Said his mother as she gave a little ass wriggle on top of him. "C'mon Saim, answer me, haven't you got something to get off your chest?"
Neelum smiled at herself, proud of the pun. Saim was a most determined soul however and he wasn't about to quit on the path to his dreams. He tensed his little abdominal muscles and fought the breath into his lungs... "Ya,y nnn, wah, you're not heavy, m, mom." *gasp*
"Really, ok, well you don't mind if I finish this chapter then?"
Neelum reached for the book she'd been reading when Saim walked in. From somewhere deep within him Saim came to terms with the weight bearing down on him and his mind started to get used to it. As his mother rolled one of her large buttocks off him to get her book Saim used the brief window of respite to take in a large breath of air. Saim felt his mother's buttocks wriggle on to of him again and he very nearly passed out.
Neelum just sat there nonchalantly, reading her book, yet inside she was burning with excitement. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this.
Saim looked around him, he wondered what someone would say if they walked in now and saw him like this, under his mom's bum as she read a book. He decided it would look like he was being punished. Saim found himself able to breathe somehow. This surface area stuff his mother was talking about was clearly true. He resigned himself to the fact that if his mom did step on him, he probably would get hurt.
"There, that's the end of my chapter, well done for still being alive." She smiled down at him. "Up we get."
Saim's relief at having the weight lift from him was immense, but he quickly thought that he should hide this relief from his mom, he didn't want her to feel bad about being heavy. "There's no way you're 180 pounds mom, being under you was nothing."
"What? You couldn't breathe Saim."
"After a minute I was fine mom, look at me."
Neelum had to concede; he didn't look the slightest bit affected by the ordeal of her sitting on him. "You really are a lot stronger than you look then."
"Yes and I can't wait to start trying to lift you, let's go now."
She laughed again, "Oh my, you are enthusiastic... fine, fine, but I don't even have to think about standing on you Saim. There is no way you will get me off the ground. Your poor dad grunts and groans when he even tries to carry me!"
Neelum secretly wished she could sit again on her son right then... she felt adrenalin surging thru her imagining sit-ting regularly on someone so small.
"I'm going to be much stronger than Daddy."
"I hope so. Ok my dear boy, go ahead and try, I won't budge at all, I haven't dieted for years."
Saim was in amazement, and a little scared, 188 pounds is a lot of weight, especially when he only weighs about TEEN0 or something. Saim knew how to reply to the line though: "You don't need to diet ever mom, I think you look great just the way you are."
"Oh baby, you're the sweetest thing, you wouldn't believe how many times your dad has told me I should lose weight."
"He's wrong; he's just saying that because he feels bad that he's not strong enough to lift you."
Neelum laughed out loud. This was the best laugh of all, he felt great that he was making his mother laugh; he knew he was making her happy. "Oh, stop it, my sides are hurting, I'd like to think that was true, you're so funny. Come here, get it over with but you're going to regret trying. We're not in your school playground now."
Neelum got up from the sofa and walked to the centre of the room. She does look great, but suddenly she looks "A LOT" bigger than before.
"Is here OK strong man?" She said with a big smile.
"Sure" Saim said and got up also. Neelum was wearing an ice blue denim skirt; which was slightly above the knee, tights and nothing on her feet, which Saim thought was one of her best features. He loved seeing her bare feet, so big and intimidating. Neelum was so tall that she hardly ever wore heels. Saim walked around to decide how to go about lifting her.
"Having second thoughts about lifting tiny little me!"
"No", Saim said, "just looking for the best way... ah, here, "
He got right behind her; bent over and wrapped his little arms around her thighs a little above mid way up. Her legs (thighs) were bigger around than he had imagined in his naughtiest dreams, this was the first time he'd felt them, they were so firm, strong and shapely, like a Bond Girl he thought.
As he started to lift up, her skirt, which had a soft material lining, kept sliding up because of the tights. It wasn't working at all as he couldn't get any purchase on her.
After two tries she said, "Hold on a minute big fella, you're not getting a good grip." She reached down and pulled her skirt up another 4 or 5 inches. It is now well above mid-thigh and not covering much!
Saim couldn't stop staring at her legs. He could see them just forming buttocks out of his sight, he was getting turned on and had to make efforts to disguise it. Her thighs are even bigger than he believed earlier, but at 5'11 and 188Lb, what did he expect, still he didn't expect them to me so strong.
"There you go, now you can get a good grip without sliding, good luck strong boy."
"Mom, you're so strong."
"Well, I do swim every Thursday and I always take the stairs at work." as she chuckled slightly.
He wrapped his arms around again and squeezed tight. He started to lift up, he was feeling more and more weight but he kept trying. Then he stopped and let go, she had barely moved, Saim realised that she was never even close to being off the ground. He wasn't going to quit yet, without delay he wrapped his arms again and got ready to lift.
"Be careful, don't hurt yourself Saim".
His second attempt did not go much better. In his mind; he was still determined to do it, but his arms, legs, and back were beginning to have different thoughts. He was really starting to breathe hard and as he squeezed again he heard Mom say, "Take your time sweetie, keep your back straight and use your knees, come on, you can do it, you're my little strong boy"
His Mom really wanted him to lift her; did that mean she really wanted to trample him? The thought gave him renewed energy. He strained and strained his insides; but he could not get her fully off the ground, but he was sure he had felt her leg coming up. Saim finally dropped to his knees right behind her, breathing hard, and the next thing he felt was a great weight on his right shoulder.
She was semi sitting down on his shoulder. As tired as he was after all that straining it felt like 800 pounds coming down on him but he struggled to support the weight. She put about half her weight on his shoulder and said, "You can be really proud, you did great. Most men would not even try what you did let alone come as close as you did to lifting 188 pounds. I am really proud of you, and don't worry, you will better next time".
With that she stood up, taking all weight off his shoulder and he just collapsed to the floor, but all he heard was the phrase, "Next Time".
"So I get another go?"
"Yeah, why not, you won't be small forever."
Mom smiled that wonderful smile and leaned down to the floor, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then walked away. He just stared at her amazing legs as she went out of the room. Her long legs, they just didn't quit and nor would Saim. Her body looked like heaven to his eyes. Somehow Saim knew then that she really enjoyed what had just happened, more than he would have guessed. And he was right, Neelum liked having the compliments, she liked a young man who was willing to try to lift her full body weight without ever complaining or saying anything negative about her.
Being so tall and beautiful men usually got intimidated by her, often they would say disrespectful things because she was so out of their 'league' and unavailable anyway, they saw little reason to make efforts to be nice to her. Yes she had enjoyed the experience, even if it was her own son she felt better about herself for the rest of the day. Saim couldn't wait until he got the chance to try again.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Saim could barely straighten up, his back and legs were so sore. When Mom saw him, she smiled and asked if he was OK and gave him a hug. Suddenly he felt much better! He went down and had breakfast. The phone rang twice that morning, one call from his Dad saying that he was delayed with an extended contract and wouldn't be home for another week and one call from Sarah to say that she was definitely on for tonight.
Mom and Sarah had 'girl's nights in' regularly; Saim really liked his mom's friends, as they were nearly all beautiful but in a really down to earth way. They were nice to Saim too but he mostly stayed out of the way playing on his games console upstairs. Saim played out for most of the day, he was a bit bored with his friends though, the always did the same stupid kid stuff except for Ali who was good looking and was also into girls.
Truthfully, Saim would rather have been with his mom, just being around her made him feel happy, made him excited. And now with the prospect of getting under her feet he had even more reason to be near her.
When Saim went back home that night Sarah was in the kitchen just getting ready to leave, both women were happy, "Hello Saim" said Sarah smiling.
"Hi Mrs. Sarah"
"How many times Saim, you can call me Sarah you know."
"Ok Mrs."
I knew he'd say that Neelum thought.
Neelum asked, "Saim, do you think you could lift Sarah, she's much lighter than me?"
Saim was already in the fridge exhausting the supplies of Sunny D.
"Yeah, I'd give that ago."
"I've told Sarah how you're training, and what a big strong man you're going to be one day."
Sarah responded with, "Maybe just a few more pounds yet young man.... we'll see. Ok Neelum, well, thanks again, see you next time, I'll bring that outfit, you'll love it."
"Ok... say hello to Simon for me."
"Will do."
"And if you still want me to baby sit Thursday it's not a problem, really."
"Oh are you sure, that would be amazing of you."
"Yeah, it's just the gym, I'll just stay off the cake."
"Ha, you do that.... bye."
And Neelum closed the door. Saim was opening up the penultimate carton of unhealthy sugary juice drink and Neelum closed the door on him with his head still inside it like a horizontal guillotine.
"Owl mom!"
"You have got to save that Saim, I'm not going shopping again until Daddy's back and you'll only complain."
"But I'm thirsty."
"Have water, it's the best thing for you."
"Water tastes boring" he wailed, really sounding like a little kid." Just make it last... hey, Sarah thinks you're going to be really strong if you can lift just one of my legs off the ground."
"I will mom."
"She says that you can try and lift her if you want."
"For real?"
"Yeah, she's ok with it."
"Wow, cool... does that mean that she'll stand on me too?"
"I doubt you'll lift her either, but again, she's heavy, so I'd have to see if you could take her sitting on you first."
"Awww, mom."
"I'm not having you getting your bones broken, you're my only son, it's ok for Sarah, she's got spares." Sarah had three boys, all of them younger than Saim.
"What-ever... I'm off to play Tenchu until X-Files is on."
Saim made for the stairs, Neelum called after him, "If you want to stay up til it's finished I want that room tidy, you hear?"
"Yeah yeah!" X-files wasn't until 8pm, no way Saim could get his room done in half an hour; but diligently he ignored his console and put all his things away, he was a good kid like that. A couple of days passed and Saim was in his bedroom on his console as usual, Mom knocked on the door and walked in. She was in a pair of pedal-pushers, the combat type ones that showed off her butt, a T-shirt, and as usual nothing on her feet. She was also wearing a big smile. "Saim are your legs and back OK from trying to lift me last week?"
"Sure mom, fine, no problem."
"Great, would you like to try again or did you break your back too much the first time?"
Saim couldn't believe she was asking him to try again, he'd been waiting for the right time to ask her himself.
"You bet. What, right now?"
"Yeah, come down stairs." They went downstairs and she just stood in the centre of the room again with a big smile on her face, she really wanted him to do this, maybe she really wanted to trample him, 'oh-my-god!' he thought.
He walked behind and bent down behind her, her legs are big but they are shaped so well and that full round butt she has really shows in the tight pedal pushers. She said, "At least you won't have to fight the skirt and nylons this time."
"Yeah, but, you really looked great in a skirt so I didn't mind."
"Oh, so I don't look good in these, Huh?"
"No no, you look great anytime, but you've got great legs, like Bond girls have in the films (she smiled even more at this) but I just really like you when you wear Shalwar Kameez".
Saim blushed immediately then realizing that he may have said too much but he also realised that he'd been saved by his innocence. With this comment, had he given an indication of what he knew to be his fetish?
Saim's mom was innocent to it all though too wasn't she? It's only his mom in the first place because she's the only woman that is around all the time. If Saim could get her to stand barefoot on him, or ultimately put her feet on his face, oh, and full weight... that would be the best thing ever. The thought that his mom might actually WANT to trample him was almost too much to bear, just amazing and it gave Saim an extra strength at least in his mind.
'Know, you have a good, erm, figure.' Saim had almost slipped up and said 'body' it didn't feel like to appropriate word though.
"Oh, okay, these compliments aren't doing you any harm you know."
She smiled at him the way that girls look at newborn puppies. "Lift away when you are ready, I'm ready to touch the ceiling!"
He wrapped his arms and started the lift. At least this time he was not as surprised at how heavy she felt. He thought he was doing really well but her feet still were not coming off the ground. Saim relaxed a second and got ready to try again. He tried three more times, each time he was straining even more and was really sweating and breathing hard by now.
She was just standing there. Finally on the last try, he felt one leg move a little, 'ALRIGHT' he thought. It was coming off the ground, he struggled, strained, pulled, heaved, did everything he could, but that was it. One foot just lifted slightly the other still had a little weight left on it. He lowered her, let go, and immediately fell down and lay on the floor on his back breathing heavily.
Mom turned, looked down at him admiringly "Good job, good attempt, you had something there... I felt myself lighter by your effort. You just relax now." Neelum lifted her barefoot onto his stomach... "One foot Saim baby, so strong, look, this is how high it was."
With that, she plonked her big size nine on him and rested it there. This froze Saim; all this time, for over a year he'd fantasized about something like this and this is the kind of image that he'd hoped for. He remembered just in time to act normal and smiled up at her, "Nearly did it though didn't I mom, see, you're not heavy like Dad thinks." Jackpot.
"OH Saim, you're the best." And she moved her sweet smelling bare foot up onto his chest and then to his head. She began to stroke his head with her foot; Saim loved this. The soft arch of her big foot caressed his head, then the feeling of the ball of her foot tracing his hairline. Saim knew it was a simple ploy on her part to save energy by not bending down. He knew that his mom had no idea of his ulterior motives.
"I'll get you something to drink; I think you deserve some Sunny D."
Saim smiled and nodded though he was sad that she's stopped having her feet near his face. He soon caught his breath and just laid there, half happy at how well he had done but half mad because he came so close and just couldn't make it all the way.
Mom came in with a tall glass of soda and stood over him again. He snuck a couple of looks at her feet; they were so sexy, he wished he had lifted her properly, she'd have to stand on him, then he could say that he needed his face toughening or something, he got so close to getting his wish.
The thought gave him another woody, which is not unusual but this was the third time mom had been present for the raising of the flag. He hoped she didn't notice, as he'd die of embarrassment if she did.
"You look so beaten baby, but you did so well, I really did feel as if you were going to lift me."
"I know mom, I thought I was going to do it,"
She helped him up he took a big drink. "Lie down on the sofa and relax some more baby."
He did so, she came over, leaned forward and gave him a big kiss and a kind of, part of a hug since he was lying down, her pendulous breasts swung into his side hitting his groin then dragging up his chest. I thought he might explode with horniness any second. "You are OK aren't you?"
"I can't believe that you almost fully lifted me! It tired ME out, I need to rest too... stay still... it's about time I sit on you again."
She seemed different as she said this, almost nervous; Just as Saim was going to respond, she turned descended and once again all he saw was his mother's big ass coming down towards him. The next thing he knew his ribcage was crushed under her weight, he couldn't breathe, she was sitting on his chest and stomach. Her butt was so vast in proportion to his tiny frame that it covered his entire chest, all his stomach and just above his groin. He felt most of the breath he had returned back suddenly leave him again as he sank way down into the sofa under the pressure of her weight.
She looked down and said, "Am I killing you or can you take this for a minute or two?"
All he could do was nod his affirmation as again he couldn't get enough air to answer aloud!
He had never expected her to sit on him, even though she did mention it a couple of times. Having her big ass on top of him seemed ridiculous, she was so big, and he was dwarfed beneath her. She was looking at his face and smiling she seemed to be in deep thought and was obviously gauging his reaction to it. Saim got the feeling that his mother was really enjoying sitting on him.
She did always sit on the main sofa as it was handy for the TV and he was in the way but there was a two-seater on the other side of the room. Saim felt it was important to let her know that he was fine with this, since he wanted her to stand on him barefoot she wouldn't do that if she thought her sitting on him would hurt him. Being trampled by a woman would be the ultimate; he was prepared for to do anything to get there.
Saim reached his hand up and touched the side of her thigh and then started rubbing it slightly. This really made her smile. Now he was really enjoying this minute, it was intimate but, he was dying since it was almost impossible to get any air in.
She looked at him and said, "Well, I don't think you should get any redder than that in your poor face so I better get up and let you breathe again for a minute."
She stood up and Saim inhaled deeply doing his best to make it seem like no big deal, he smiled and said, "Put HBO on, there's a George Carlin special on."
"Saim, you're not supposed to watch that, what would your Dad say?"
"Dad isn't here, so he wouldn't say anything."
Neelum wasn't going to argue with him, she liked the fact that she was preferred over his father. Without debating the ethics, it was one power over her husband that she could enjoy. "Well, if you're going to watch this you have to be my seat again."
"Um, you mean the whole thing?"
"Yeah, you can take it, you'll be fine."
"Okay, sure go ahead."
Neelum reached down and scooped Saim up in her arms before he could protest. It was effortless on her part.
Saim marvelled at her strength. "Cool mom"
"Ha, this is what you're going to be like with me one day."
"I know mom."
"Just turning you around." Neelum whirled and deposited him the opposite way he'd been facing so that they could both watch TV, with barely a sigh she gave him a little shove to move him into the edge of the sofa, grabbed the remote and then she sat down on him again gently. Again, he felt the two huge globes of her buttocks embedded in his ribcage.
Saim felt himself disappearing down into the sofa, this isn't what he wanted; he wanted her feet. He considered offering his mother a foot massage but she hadn't been working today and even if she accepted it would only seem weird.
He settled for having his mother use him in place of the sofa, every few minutes she would shift to put her weight on a different area so as not to damage him and enable him to breathe. George Carlin was on now and he was funny, both of them were laughing. To allow his stomach respite she moved down, perhaps a little too far as she was sitting on his lap.
Although it was crushing having his mother's big beautiful ass bearing down on his wiener it was having an effect on him. It took all of Saim's effort not to be aroused which he almost achieved by concentrating on the comedy. But Neelum had noticed; and thought that it was natural for a boy to get a woody with a woman sat there, but she felt awkward about it knowing how embarrassing, it would be for him.
She decided to casually wait a moment more; then she lifted up and said, "Chest" to warn him, Saim shifted a little and tensed up his abs as she lowered herself down onto him. Saim felt like he was going to pass out any second. He couldn't take much more of this. They watched the rest of the show as Saim, tried to grow accustomed to the globes of his mother's buttocks shifting around on his tiny body.
Saim had to get up right now. "Mom, I need to go to the bathroom."
She hoisted herself up and Saim scooted out from under her trying his best not to walk all dizzy like his head was inside.
Whilst Saim was at the bathroom Neelum started to wonder about him; how could she engineer a plausible excuse for sitting on the one part of Saim that would really give her a thrill?
She was almost beside herself trying to picture what it would be like sitting on her tiny son the way she wanted to. Saim returned and was rested, ready for the last ten minutes or so. Instead of moving out of the way, Neelum simply rose up to allow him to lie down. Saim observed this and saw that if he were to lie down as he had done before her butt would be really close to his head. He went with it to see where she'd move.
As he threaded himself back under her Neelum lowered herself and quite deliberately shoved her bottom down into her son's face then immediately continued down along his torso until she was in the position before on his chest.
Saim wondered about it for a minute. During this silence Neelum was hoping that it seemed like an innocuous collision on her way to the earlier position. Saim didn't say anything about it. He just thought his mother had been paying too much attention to the TV. She'd got away with it completely.
Carlin made a comment about schools, which led to a conversation about home schooling between them. The last line of which was, "And besides if you misbehaved I'd know where to put you." Saim was thrilled that his mother was not shocked or angered about the idea of putting any weight on him; surely this would lead to her trampling him. He had butterflies partying in his stomach every time he thought of this.
The show finished, it was late now. Neelum got up and Saim inhaled his first proper lung full of air in an hour.
"Wow Saim, do you know, you didn't complain once thru all that and you had all my weight sitting on you."
"You don't weigh much at all mommy... It's nothing."
And she bought that line, gift-wrapped it and sent it to herself a hundred times. She would remember the compliment forever. "You are amazing, you have no idea how good your words make me feel."
"It's just what anyone would say. I only find it hard to lift you at the moment because I am small, but I will lift you soon enough."
"Well I can't weight that much if an eight year old boy can lift me, can I?"
"Seven mom"
"You be eight soon though."
"Yes... Honey, yo know; if you were old enough I'd break the law and marry you, you're the best Saim... Go to bed and sleep, because tomorrow I'm going to make you the breakfast of your life and you're going to have to get used to it, because you're going to need that strength if you're going to lift me." And she smiled and left for the stairs.
"Alright mom!" Saim got up excitedly from the sofa and immediately doubled up in pain. He'd forgotten how much his ribs ached from being under his mother's ass for an hour. Good job she'd already gone upstairs, he didn't want her to know that he felt any pain at all. Saim just lay on the floor; his pain was all payment toward the day his mother would walk on him barefoot, he imagined his mother standing on him barefoot, fully on his face and walking up his body. It was just a matter of time before he could lift her, so it was now pretty much inevitable.
It seemed the next day so far away; his father would be back, everything would be back to dad mode, as he ruled the house. Saim and his mom never talked about the events that occurred while he'd been away. It was as if it was another world and didn't even exist in their day-to-day living.
Now Saim had almost forgotten about the incident, he felt it might not happen again. In the middle of the night he woke up to go to the bathroom. Saim's room was the last one on the landing and he had to go past his mom and dad's room to get to the bathroom, the door was shut as always but he tiptoed up to the door and had a listen, he could hear some faint moaning, he knew that they always got up to stuff in the first 2 days his dad got back from his trips, he's some kind of area manager and travels all the time often going a whole week away from home.
He still he phoned every 2 days at least and they were always happy, they didn't go short of anything... "Oh yeah suck it, that's so good." It was his dad's voice, getting some head.
Saim knew what was going on and he smiled to himself and tiptoed onward toward the glistening white bathroom, the rugs in the bathroom are always warm because there is under-floor heating there. It's the only room in the house with this feature and in some ways it's his favourite room.
Saim felt really hot knowing that his mom was sucking dad's dick, he just couldn't imagine what that would look like but it made him as horny as hell. He whacked off furiously, imagining that mom was forcing him to lie on his back and let her walk all over his prone body.
On his way back to his room he could hear slightly raised voices from his folks room, dad sounded pissed about something. As he drew nearer Saim listened to the following conversation which went something like this: "I don't know why I should be made to feel like some kind of object and yet when-"
"I do NOT objectify you."
"What, you grab my head and skull fuck me and you expect me not to feel objectified?"
"Fine, I won't ask you to do it anymore."
"That's not the point; there should be some kind of equality here."
"You know I can't do what you're asking"
"Greg, I respect that, but you don't entertain any of my fantasies and I seem to entertain all of yours, you're just like Sarah's husband..."
"She's leaving him you know."
"What? Because he won't go down on her?"
"No, because it's all give from her and all take from him."
"I give you plenty"
"You give me what you want to give me, not what I want to receive."
"SHhhhhhhhh! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Look, I'll buy you something."
"Forget it."
Now Saim was a smart kid, and was also one horny little bastard, what do you think he did when he heard that?
Yeah baby, he went straight back into the bathroom and beat his meat again. Saim slept like the dead that night. A few days later, his dad had gone again. Saim was in his room playing Nintendo Neelum came to the door. She had a big smile on her face. "What mom?"
She just looked and smiled and then said, "Is your body up to another strengthening session?"
Saim was overjoyed to have another chance at lifting her; he just HAD to get her to trample him. "Always mom, anytime!"
"Do you really like my legs as much as you said?"
"Oh, um, yeah... why?"
"I'll meet you in the lounge in 5 minutes and you will find out."
Saim had no idea what she was up to but he was pretty sure that she was not going to be wearing the jeans that she had on right now. His heart was racing already. He was in the living room in about three minutes and just sat waiting. It seemed like forever then he heard the click click of heels on the wood flooring in the hall. He looked up and there came his mom into the room. She looked taller than ever, like the queen of the universe. She was wearing her robe and white one inch kitten heels.
"Mommy you look like a Goddess."
Neelum laughed, "Thank you darling Are you ready?"
"Sure am "
Then she walked to the arm of the chair, opened her robe, removed it, and laid it on the chair. She was wearing a T-shirt and panties ONLY. It didn't even cover her lower body so Saim could see clearly the shape of her hips and the awesome 'V' shape of where her crotch met her thighs, from the front it looked like paradise, god knows what it would look like from behind.
He'd be able to see her bum so clearly. His heart took off and I could not even swallow for a second. She just causally walked to the centre of the room as normal and said, "I'm ready for my strong man to lift me high into the air. I hope you like the arrangements, no slippery dress or skirt to worry about but you can have a good view of his legs that you claim to be so fond of."
Saim just looked at her and sighed, his eyes were practically out on stalks. "Mommy your legs are so strong looking, you look like one of the girls from WWE."
"What the hell is WWE?"
"It's the Wrestling that I watch, you know on Saturdays?"
"The girls there, they have lots of muscles and are really athlete... athletty..."
"Athletic." Finished Neelum.
"Yes, athletic... they're all babes Mom."
"Do they wrestle?"
"Yeah, all the time. "
"Against guys too?"
"I saw that once, it was so cool, she did all these moves on the guy and pinned him, it was awesome."
"I'd like to try some wrestling moves, do you think you could wrestle me?"
"Would you promise to go easy on me?"
"Ha! Sure mom, you're so strong though, look at you, all that swimming, I bet I could pin you though.
"You bet huh?"
"Well I bet that I could pin you... lets have a wager. What do you say?"
"Yeah, cool, whatever, what will you give me when I win?"
"Well Mr. Confident, IF you win, I'll buy you every single Pokemon toy on the market."
"Cool! But I'm into Bayblade now, Pokemon was ages ago."
"Well forgive me for being out of touch, I can't keep up with you Saim, you're into anew toy every month it seems. Fine, Every Bay... blade toy then."
"Great, deal."
"Wait a minute, what if I win?"
"What will I get?"
"Um, I dunno."
"Well, what can you think of what I might want?"
"Errrrrm..." Saim couldn't think of anything, he'd love to say foot massage but it still felt a bit risqué. Still, she'd surprised him before with letting him try to lift her he went for it.
"I know Mommy, what about massages?"
"Yeah, I could massage, like, your feet for you." Saim's heart raced up to a very fast beat as he popped the question, already he could see that it wasn't going to be a flat 'No' if she accepted he could get his hands on his mothers big beautiful feet. He began to picture touching them, kissing them, the butterflies exploded inside him making him feel light-headed. He loved the feeling. Only his mother and his PE teacher Miss. Ambrose had ever given him butterflies.
"Hmmmn. That's an option, I've never had a foot massage, I know a few women at work recommend them plenty... OK, you're on, you have to massage my feet whenever I want if you lose, deal?"
"Deal mom." Saim hoped he hadn't sounded too enthusiastic. Even if it was every toy under the sun Saim would still let his mother win any wrestling bout so he could get close to her feet.
"So you're okay with this deal, sure?" Asked the super-mom.
"I'm I, o-okay with, yeah, oh, yeah, I mean, yes, no problem, great"
"Then stop babbling and get over here, I'm going to squash you like a bug." Saim nearly lost consciousness hearing her say that.
"Defend yourself!" Yelled Saim as he launched his attack.
He put on a brave display, going for her legs in the style of a British rugby tackle, he almost managed to bring her down, she wind milled her arms a couple of times but regained enough composure to stoop down, grab her son by the waist, lift him up, jam his head in between her legs and pile drive her ass right on his face on the sofa. It was over very quickly by the shouting.
"No fair! Round 2, DING DING" announced Saim as he pushed her back onto the sofa.
She fell backwards and sat down but grabbed his arm as she did so, yanking him forwards and twirling him round like a reluctant Saimce partner, she threw her other arm round his neck and applied a solid choke hold. Saim couldn't believe his mom knew these moves.
"Heyyyyy! Where'd you learn that?"
"There's a lot you don't know about me young man" she said.
"Cool mom."
"That's a foot massage you owe me and you still have to hoist me high"
"Yes Mommy!"
With that he got into his normal position, wrapped his arms around the fully exposed great set of legs, and was feeling like a million dollars. He started the lift, and got her off one leg again on the first try! I took a deep breath and tried again, this time one foot fully up and the second one actually got loose footing.
He lowered her down and said "one more try."
"You can try until you back gives out sweetie... that was a wonderful feeling"
He then tried another seven times and got her to the same point three more times. Once when he got her there, she said "Just hold it, don't lower me hold me, come on strain, you can do it, pretend I'm 80 pounds and this is easy".
With that he laughed slightly and down she came back to her feet. She started laughing and said, "OK so maybe that was a real reach, but I figured it couldn't hurt!" Mother and son both stood there laughing.
She took his hand and led him to the sofa..."Lie down and rest baby" she was smiling and seemed genuinely impressed.
Saim was shattered after that; nothing in the world would have stopped him flaking out on the sofa.
She looked at him intently and said, "Can I, or was that too much last time?"
It took Saim a whole two seconds to realize what she meant, she wanted to sit down and he was taking up the whole sofa.
"Oh... okay mommy."
She exhaled with a release of tension. She smiled at her son lovingly and he smiled back at her, she was so beautiful. With that she turned and sat down on top of his chest. She was much higher this time than last time and not nearly as much pressure on his stomach, but his chest felt like a steamroller was on top of it and his neck was bearing the weight of her left buttock. Saim had a super close-up view of her thighs as the nightshirt had ridden way up in the back from all the lifting and she didn't bother to pull it back down.
His mom was gorgeous. She just sat there rubbing his hair and saying how proud she was of him, how strong he really was, and how neat of a feeling it was to be semi lifted by her "strong man".
"So does your body feel stronger now that you can almost lift me?"
"Sure mommy, I'm almost there, soon I can lift you and then I'll be able to wrestle with the other guys for real."

"Is that what you want to do?"
"You want to be a wrestler?" she seemed very excited as she said this. Of course Saim had largely made this up, it was an idea born after he over-heard one of the kids in his grade boast that he could lift his 25 year old sister off the ground. Interwoven with a story from another friend that involved him getting spanked by his mom, which wasn't so bad as he now had "The toughest ass in school"
Saim had come up with this whole plan for his mother to carry out his fetish of trampling. The plan was going better than he dared dream. All he had to do was prove that he was strong enough by lifting her and then proving he was tough enough by letting her 'sit' on him like this.
Soon she would trample him because he was doing everything as they'd agreed.
'Piece of cake' Saim thought.
"I dunno" his whiny high-pitched voice managed "Maybe but really I want to be a fire-fighter like uncle Ahmad."
"Oh you know Ahmad used to wrestle when he was young, that gave him the strength to do what he does now."
"Re... Really?"
"Oh sure, Ahmad was a weakling until he started wrestling. Hey are you okay?"
"Yeah, fine."
"Good because you're taking up the whole sofa, it's only fair baby" She smiled again at her little son, his puny body engulfed under her ass. "You just make sure to tell me if you've had enough, I don't want to crush my only son to death now do I?"
He smiled at her and she returned her left hand to delicately ruffling thru his hair.
"I love your hair Saim, it's so..." she seemed lost for words, as though distracted. "So? ...""So boyish."
Saim smiled again. She crossed her legs and breathed sharply, "Ooh I could just eat you!"
Hearing her say that I remembered his time outside her door a few nights ago and he couldn't control his thoughts, he imagined her doing to him what she had been doing to his dad. It was unavoidable, Saim felt serious wood coming on but he raised his legs up so that his mom wouldn't notice.
His lungs were beginning to really struggle under her weight now. "Are you sure you're okay?"
"Actually mom I can't really breath that well."
He expected her to get up immediately.
Instead she stayed there and said, "You know Saim to be a good wrestler and also to fight thru smoke you've really got to train your breathing. I know a way you can get really good at strengthening your lungs... and I want you to try it."
"Ok mom."
"It is something that I will do to you and it will help you to become really strong"
"What is it?"
"It's a bit like what we're doing now but you'll find it much harder."
Saim really was suffering under her already and she didn't realise how much she was hurting him. Whatever she was talking about Saim was already thinking that maybe he shouldn't agree so quickly.
"Anything mom, I want to be the strongest I can be." To hell with it, here goes.
"Well done baby you're so strong already, I've been sitting on that one spot for five minutes. I'm impressed."
She stood up, Saim's chest must have risen three inches as she did so, and his lungs had taken in their first air unhindered. She'd only been thereabout three minutes, which his chest thought was about 3 hours.
"Saim, did I hurt you?" she seemed back to normal again.
"No mom, I'm fine, really."
Neelum's voice had got the slightest shake of nervousness again; Saim would never for get all that came after this moment. "So what we're going to do is I'm going to help you learn to hold your breath real good, it'll come in very useful to you."
"Now, deep breath... deeper... and hold."
Neelum reached down and pinched his nose together, not lightly either, she didn't know her own strength sometimes, Neelum was very strong, all the swimming she does had made toned her body wonderfully. Everything was firm except for her ass, which had a bit of a wobble to it and a slight bump around her tummy which until a couple of years ago had been flat like a supermodel's with a hint of abdominal definition.
It was those legs though, which were her most noticeably attractive feature and she did like to show them off. Her big ass was peachy round and vast with hourglass curves, 34D 26 40... stats that would have men thinking they'd met Jessica Rabbit in the flesh.
Saim was clear in his mind, whatever he had to go thru to feel this amazing woman's beautiful feet on him, he would do it. Saim realised that there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for his mom anyway. These were the thoughts that he had whilst his mother pinched his nose preventing him from breathing. He was fit to burst now though. Neelum sensed this and let go of him. He gasped open mouthed and took in some air.
"Ok, not bad at all Saim, that was almost a minute. Let's do it again, close your eyes...good, and now relax. Take in a deep breath, then breathe it all out and then take two deep breaths and hold it, that's it, ok, I'm going to make sure you don't breathe, I'm just going to, er, sit on your... nose and mouth so you can't breathe."
" Oh Okay" Saim tried to comprehend the logistics involved in what his mother had just said to him.
'Sit on my nose and mouth' he repeated in his thoughts. Saim did as she told him and took the two deep breaths and then she quickly stepped to her left towards his head. With his eyes closed, Saim heard the sound of her clothes moving as indication to what she was doing.
He flicked his eyelids open for a quick glance to satisfy his curiosity, what Saim saw was an image that would remain in his memory always... his mother's ass coming towards him. It only took two seconds for her to sit right on his face but time slowed down for Saim. He saw was the full view of panty covered butt as it came closer, taking up all his peripheral vision.
Her black panties were thongs, so he could make out her intimate places. He could see the shape of how things were around her bum. It was the first time he'd seen the 'boat' like shape of her pussy between her ass crack, it never occurred to him that she'd have something between her bum, he wondered what the shape was but he was getting very acquainted with it because even behind the material of her thong, this new feature squashing his nose eyes and mouth down into the sofa and was spreading over him.
This was all very new to Saim, of course, no boys of 8 years old have their mothers sitting on their faces and Saim felt that this was all very rude somehow; this from a boy that thought nothing of wanting his mother to stand on his face... here she was sitting on it.
His mom's ass was smothering him now, he couldn't breathe at all. It was harsher than having her fingers holding his nose tightly. The massive weight drove his head right down into the couch; he felt that he would feel the floor with his head any second. The material of her knickers felt so smooth against his face but every slight movement caused them to scrape against his skin. That was fairly painful.
He couldn't last long under her massive pillow-like buttocks and he tapped her thighs to let her know he needed to breathe. Before she got up she pressed down even harder and she deliberately scraped her boat shaped thing over his nose as she manoeuvred around in the process of getting up.
She moved back to sit high on his chest but she must have been using her muscles to support her legs because she wasn't putting as much weight on his body.
"Wow are you ok?"
"I weigh a lot you know, you wouldn't be able to breathe at all under me, did you manage without air?"
"Er, oh, yeah mom. You think you're heavy; but you sat on me, on my head didn't you?" "So, so you can't be if you can do that to me and look, I'm alright."
"Did you mind baby?"
"Me sitting on you like that?" Neelum had to get this all just right otherwise she could blow everything.
"Oh, sure, I mean, no, it was, it was ok mommy."
"Just what I hoped you'd say... because I was um, sitting on your nose"
"And my mouth"
"Yes and your mouth, well, you see, it's like, imagine you're in a wrestling match and you're pinned under your opponent, you can barely breathe and you're in Saimger of con-ceding a submission, your best weapon is going to be time. The longer you can last under there, the more chance you have of fighting your way free right?"
"It's the same if you were running thru smoke to rescue someone from a fire, or swim underwater. You need to learn to breathe deeply and hold it whilst remaining calm."
"Cool mom, how come you know so much about this?"
"Who do you think used to wrestle with your uncle Ahmad?"
"What you? You're kidding?"
"No I'm not, I know he's a big fella these days but when he started out, well he wasn't any meatier than you."
"For real?"
"For real."
"Wow Mom, I want to be just like Ahmad"
"Well Ahmad wasn't good at first, but I er, sat on him..."
"You sat on uncle Ahmad too"
"Yes, just like I did with you and he too could handle all my weight on him by the time he was six, so you've got some catching up to do."
"Yeah Mommy but, were you smaller, I mean, lighter back then?"
"Sure but not by so much, remember I'm nine years older than him, I guess I would of weighed around 140, before I had you and got all these damn curves."
"I like your curves mom."
"You're too kind Saim, now, back to helping you be like Ahmad, I'll need to sit on your face lots baby... do you think you'll be okay with that?"
Saim was falling for a trick just like she was falling for his. "Sure mom, whatever, I can handle it."
"Well first of all, this is going to have to be our special secret ok? Otherwise someone might think something they shouldn't and I won't be able to help you with your training, so you must not tell anyone about me sitting on you, ok Saim, it's very important." Neelum was so tense asking this...
"Ok mom." He said innocently.
Neelum was ecstatic; she'd pulled it off. What a feeling. Finally she was going to get to act dominant over a man, even if it was a little man, her son, this was wrong and she knew it but Neelum was disturbed in this way, all that repression, the dominator in her needing a way to get out by any means, even performing her fetish on her little Saim, she'd hit the jackpot.
"Excellent, I'll make you nice and strong, oh Saim I can't wait, I have all sorts of ways to make you get stronger you know"
"Cool mom!"
"I'm going to sit on you again, but this time I'm going to put ALL my weight on you. Think you can handle it?"
Saim was shocked, 'all her weight'?
Realising now that before had not been all her weight made Saim quite scared. He did think it wasn't so bad, his mom sitting on him that way but if that wasn't everything then what now had he let himself in for?
He'd come too far to stop her now. He knew that his mom must've liked feeling so light that she could do this; Saim was committed. "Sure I want to try,"
"OK but I'm going to ease my weight down on you, just tap me with your hand when it's too much."
"Ok mom, just like wrestlers."
"That's right, but you got to breathe... c'mon, two big breaths... alright now in and hold."
She stood up turned her back to him and then moved over him again ready to sit down. As he saw her butt coming down he realised she was going to sit on him much harder this time as she was coming down much quicker, she paused and turned round to check on him taking Saim by surprise, he did look scared.
"Don't worry Saim, I'll start gently. I told you, I have to put all my weight on you gradually. Sitting on your face is the best way."
Saim nodded but he still didn't look convinced, she had to reassure him. "Saim, would you rather have my elbow on your face?"
"No, my bottom is the softest part of my body, now if you wanted 188 lb. of elbow on your face to help your lungs get stronger that's fine but I don't want to hurt you and it would hurt you know."
Saim's reply was cut off as she sat down on him. "Ok moMMMMMMmmmmMMM" She sat down, her buttocks swallowed him. Down he went into the base of the sofa.
"Sitting on your face may seem strange with me being your mommy but I won't hurt you...
Neelum felt a pang of guilt then as she came to her senses about what she was doing, what would he make of this later in life?
She got up again. "Are you okay baby?" She stood up completely and looked down at her son who looked like he'd been flatted into the cushion by a steamroller.
"What's the matter?"
"Couldn't breathe?"
Saim took in a sharp breath of air. "No, I can hold it it's ok."
"I'm too heavy aren't I; I'm going to kill you..."
"No mom, no, you're ok, I'm ok, l look, see?"
And Saim smiled his bravest smile to try and appease her. Very convincing. Now it was Neelum's plan that was working, she couldn't believe she was doing this to her son. All these years thinking about sitting on a man's face and here she was carrying out her fetish with a TEEN year old boy. She tried not to think of it like that, stick to the plan; this was just helping him to be strong like he'd wanted.
"Now, get ready, you'll have to breathe all over again. Get to it."
Saim took his breaths and watched as his mother's awesome butt descended toward him, she was going so slow. It looked so big; it covered all his sight and still was coming towards him,
"Relax baby, this will pay off for both of us."
And again she sat on his face, gently this time, but as she continued to lower more of her weight on him she moved back and forth a little too much and the nylon of her hose started to really scrape his forehead. She was sitting fully on his face in a side straddle. She felt his little features beneath her ass and she tried to avoid wriggling much but it felt too good for her to stop.
She felt the rise of something very powerful within her. Neelum hadn't achieved an orgasm for over 3 years. She had begun to feel like a failure as a woman. But this, this was the return of an old feeling, a pleasure she had been unable to obtain with her husbands grey ministrations. It was unmistakable, if this continued she was going to come. The excitement was becoming almost too much for her already, she would have to scream out soon.
With a little manoeuvring she could rub her clitoris over his little nose and send the most intoxicating feelings thru her body. It was really a weird feeling after all this time. Neelum always knew she was dominant but made the mistake of allowing her husband to rule the roost non-stop. She decided to allow all her weight to sit on her son, she felt his head being pushed down further still beneath her colossal body, now 6'2 in heels as oppose to her son's tiny frame that only came up to her mid thigh in height.
The thong was warm against the skin of Saim's face and scraped to the point that the pain was almost pleasurable after a few seconds. The pressure was neat at first then started getting very intense very quickly, he had no sight, and very little taste or smell, the pressure pushing him down so much he had no hearing, no breathing.
More weight crushing his skull, and more, more, more even more, was there no end? Saim began to see white light, an oscillating sphere in his vision as the pressure played havoc with his optic nerves. He couldn't hold his breath any longer.
He panicked for a second, and then he thought that he could go for a little while without air and not to panic. Saim wanted to see if his mother would realise on her own that she needed to get up. He could always tap out. He felt his mother take his hand and give it a squeeze lovingly. The white Saimcing light was bright now. Would she smother him to death given the chance?
Did she know that he couldn't breathe?
The thought that his mother could kill him if she refused to getup was mind blowing for Saim. That this was all going on had a strange effect on the way he viewed his mother now. He trusted her implicitly. Their bond was strengthening with every second that this continued. Neelum felt this also.
She was thinking how amazing her son was, that he had NEVER complained about her weight, gave her complimen
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