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One of the fantasies I have is caused my desire to be crushed to the max. When a large weight initially goes on to my chest and belly (say 150 kilograms) I feel the pressure change. But when it stabilises I want more weight, more pressure.
The answer is stacking another person on top. We all know getting the first person that is a rarity and second and third is harder than finding the rainbows pot of gold. That is why this is only a fantasy and not something I have achieved. I was lucky once when I had Violet and Helen at the same time. Helen had stood on my belly rocking back a forth of having all the weight on the left foot, along my hip bone, then on both feet, finally transferring all the weight to the right foot pushing the solar plexes in full weight, rocking back again. I was taking 5 second pauses on one foot in an even flow.
I wanted change it up so I got Violet who was heavier to stand with her right leg on the belly along the hipbone. With the left leg on my thigh she rolled all her weight on the right leg and back to both. As always I took the challenge of not complaining about the intense crush of one foot waiting for her ability to stand on one foot to end. She sunk in so deep I could not see her ankle. I got Helen to stand right foot on my chest and left on belly under rib cage. Then lifting the outer leg so both were full weight on my belly I went for duration record. Helen gave up first but my intestines were pounding and exploding with crush sensations.
I was in heaven as this duo had three more goes at one foot each on my belly. I was moving my legs around and was not capable of pushing up the 340 + kilograms on my belly.
I change to having the girls lay on me. Violet first and I got her align with my hips and stomach by getting on all four knee by knee. Her stomach (apron type) was dangling under abdomen, which means the entire stomach to be over my abdomen when she lowers her self. As she lowered her self she was a little bit low on me so she move up a bit and tried again. I felt the entire mass of her belly on my belly and her hips over my hip. Several minutes later I asked Helen to lay on Violet in alignment at hips and belly.
Nice is a four-letter word so I will say heavenly with Helen driving Violet heavy stomach into mine. I had big weight on my chest and my butt checks were flattening out.
This story was true up to this point including I just want to kiss Violet while her face was just there. Helen and Violet were good friends and I was not going to ruin that. At the eight-minute mark I wanted a third person, as much as that was true a third person was not present so after this point is fantasy. In the real event Helen was squashing Violet out so the session ended after 40 minutes.
At the ten-minute mark a flatmate turned up. She was a much smaller 100 kilograms than the two already on me. She gave the ‘Say what’ look when saw the stack of people at the edge of the lounge. I said to her “I am winning a bet that I can go for half an hour”
“How long have you been going for so far”, she asked.
I replied, “10 minutes but I can go the half hour if you climbed on top of Helen”.
Helen and Violet but chanted their doubts. This got Mindy the flatmate intrigued. She expressed her doubts too.
The challenge was set and there was no way I was backing out. The stack was Violet at the above me. She was an armful with an overlap at the wrist around the chest . She was an armful with fingertips touching around the waist. Laying on me she was upside down Vee with her face angled down. Helen 20 kilograms lighter but also bigger at the waist than chest. Mindy sat on Helens back over her belly area with legs down either side. I felt Violet drive further into my own stomach and she flattened out. My entire abdomen cavity was filled with Violet belly.
I want to kiss Violet even more all my organs were fully displaced and been crushed into other parts. It was the 25 minute mark when Mindy pressure was effecting Helens back. Up to then I was having waves of fully compressed intestine sensations rolling through my entire body. I did not want to loose Mindy out of the stack but I also did not want Helen to hurt.
It was Helen who suggested that Mindy lay over her. Violet was okay with Mindy weight still pressing on her so Mindy adjusted herself to be comfortable and fit the stack. I had felt less pressure driving Violet belly into mine but I was staying completely pressed out of the abdomen cavity. I had spent most of the time talking to Violet until Mindy arrived then I was talking to both of them. Helen said very little and was just listening in. I saw Violet was tied and fall a sleep.
I of course wanted to increase the pressure up on my chest and stomach when Mindy’s boyfriend came in and asked what is going on. This was the forty-minute mark so I replied that I was going for a record. Without invitation or permission of the others he was lying on top of his girlfriend. The pressure on my stomach was up higher than when Mindy was sitting on Helen. I missed something important, Violet had not reacted to the increase of pressure. She was out cold, breathing but unconscious. The weight on my chest and hers was increased.
I carried on the conversation with Mindy and her boyfriend joined in. Helen was sleeping now and I reached the hour mark. I knew I could not stand up if everyone got off me. An hour had passed and abdomen was numb depriving me of crush sensation.
What is the record I asked? I did not of any record for being a stack. They usually only lasted minutes. This stack had 520 + kilograms but stacks often exceeded that. I enjoy duration and now I was becoming numb I was not enduring the crush sensation. Both Helen and Violet were breathing but ‘out to it’. I decided it was probably best for the girl’s well being if things ended there and then.
Mindy and her boyfriend got off which woke up Helen. She climbed off while they revived Violet. I felt her belly leave my abdominal cavity and I started tingling. I got up and said good night to everyone and drove back to Palmerston North 100 miles away. When I got home I was tingling still. The last two sentences are true to the event.
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