Being squashed by squashed bellies.

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As I have practiced self-crushing all my life from early childhood I have a vast number of fantasy ways of being crushed. As I have used pre-crushed and secondary crushing methods from teenager onwards I will used proven methods in the fantasies. This story will have a lot of properties of pressure transference and preloaded pre crushing force. These properties are not theoretical but been used in other crushes that I actually have had.
The crush used a minimum of 4 people with 6 more desirable and 8 as super intense (me being one of them) all with excessive belly measurement. A four-wall structure is used where all the walls are armpit high. This is to generate a stretch to make the belly more acceptable to crushing but not so much it stretches and thins out.
Two walls are long with slippery sides. They are spaced wide enough to fit the people sideways with their arms on the wall tops. The ends walls are different to each other as one is fixed while a hydraulics ram moves the other.
People with sagging apron bellies need to raise the front to a level above the hipbone height until the compression holds them in place and their arms can be put back above the wall. Hand holding the belly underside is not successful, as the room required is more than is available due the narrowness of the chamber created by the walls. The narrow chamber prevents bodies twisting as compression comes on. The better way is to wear panty girdles that hold it in place. The panty girdle may give some pre crush properties if too firm plus the overhang is a main crushing tool.
The ideal crushing points on the end so I will describe it in a 4 man set up. The distance of the people front to back measurement at skeletal structure will set the final length of the chamber. Bottoms poke out one way and chests in the opposite. Bring it vertical will require bent knees but the weight will not be on the legs as they will be supported by the belly. The overhanging bellies are not given room to exist. So without pressure on skeletal structure the stomachs are pushing each fighting for space.
Numbering occupants from end to end as 1 to 4 then the pressure inside can be described as 1 and two push against each other ramming number 3 into number 4. Number 3 and 4 pushing against each other ram number 2 into number 1. In a larger number of people the middle people create more pressure pushing against each other but still generate a ramming force against the end people.
Placing soft packing between the bellies involved can increase pressure in the line up. This creates concave bellies on bellies that have a convex natural state. That means these people will be pushing out to end the unrelenting crush (which will create more crush). Depending on those involved tolerance to compression this addition (Secondary) squashing if achievable. The more compressing the greater the ramming the end people get from the line up.
The balance of the end people can be tipped with compression from tighter girdles. This can make their belly more collapsible to the ones without the extra control placed on them. Which is best spot, 1 or 2. Number two is rammed into number one. Both spots have their advantages.
After that long-winded explanation my fantasy is to be on the end of this set up as all members flex against each other ramming me into number 1 or ramming number 2 into me. There would be constant pulsing of ramming pressure.
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