The human doormat

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The human doormat was created by Trampleguy

Ok, dear forummembers, i tried google translate for using translating a dutch story into english. This story is 25 years old, my first story ever wrote...i hope you will enjoy.

the phone goes. I take on: with John, to say. with Sandra, of uitzendburo trampleteam, I hear a soft voice call on the other side of the line. Hello, I say. still looking for a job ?, is the question on the other side. Yes, I say. and you tackles still all? Yes, I say. then, I might be something for, told Sandra. see your chance to soon as along to come around quarter for 6? Yes no problem. beautiful, because I do just a short introductory conversation and then comes another intest, if you are interested after my conversation. in order to view or you taxable enough, say. fine, am way, I say. arrived at the uitzendburo, I am looking for Sandra on. a beautiful woman to see, 170 inches long and a kilo or 68. beautiful in proportions, say. she asks if I want to sit and that I do. they begin: welcome John and fine that you as soon could come. we are looking for a themed restaurant a human doormat. well, it will but equal to the door in House fall. the intention is that you at the door is and the corresponding ladies on your belly their shoes let sweeping and their shoes late do, and then on your chest to stand for their toes and feet off to lick by you, to which they are your getting off. after meals will Lady or ladies 1 to 1 on your penis stand, to which they per person 1 minute time get to you, all standing on your penis, ready to come. succeed someone that, then the meal for nothing. then will every woman her shoes again on your belly to do, they can its gratuity for you on your chest lay and through which gratuity your getting off, while a possible following woman ready at your penis to you to be ready to come. and if that's not enough, will during meals, if you do nothing to do have, ladies operation you keep warm by various parts of your body to stand. alone, or with his 2-and or 3-and. seems you this something, John? what are the merits, I ask? it provides you 25 euros per hour, net! i'm in itself be interested. that is beautiful, says Sandra. However, you will still a intest have to do. and if you that passes, you have also a stagedag credit, which, if you tomorrow nothing to do, you will take place. and if you well by will, you next week Monday begin. OK, come on, I say. do you now time, asks Sandra? Yes, do nothing planned on. OK, then we then start with the intest. while the shutters close go, under the guise that they do not pottekijkers want, the door lock is, I am to a room back of the uitzendburo led. there arrived, drip there slowly what women inside. after there are 4 collects have, it is only still waiting for the chef. after the chef also within came, she takes immediately the word. John, I understand that you qualify want to come to the function 'human doormat' in the theme restaurant. and the only thing that you still need to do this intest and if you do for succeeds, there is still a stagedag that tomorrow will take place and where you in this uitzendburo as doormat will serve for all female klanten.ok, how will the intest there from see? that I will tell. it is intended that you know this mat will lie, naked and that you a vloerkleedje on your belly explains the text 'welcome' it. then we do a warm-up, with each Lady present here, on your mat will stand and is equally voorsteld. they will her name call and weight that they weighs. so you an idea have how many example 68 kilo is on your belly. in addition, we keep our shoes simply, so just look as good what kind of shoes men on it. I think your chest wet can maken.wanneer everyone has presented and that is going on weight of light to heavy, we actually start with the test. and the test there will be the same look like what you later in the real will do. so we start with sweeping our shoes, then will the relevant woman her shoes do and doorstappen to your chest. if they did she will heel of her foot on your extended tongue lay, with her foot on your tongue backward has until her toes in your mouth can stop for this agrees nice to clean sabbelen. and then changes they obviously foot. when this behind it, it will they via your head of your getting off. while you with the feet of woman 1 are doing, stands woman 2 already on your belly to her shoes to sweep. when they here finished, it will they wait until Mrs. 1 is finished, then her shoes to do and by steps to your chest. so, so on. when every woman been, this is the end of part 1. we welding then a little break in, you can even breather to then to continue part 2. prettigere test I think, for you. for we will try to you ready to come, while we on your penis stand. we also have per person 1 minute time to this for each other to get. the winner will get you a night free to borrow. you can € 500 win by not ready to come, but it seems clear to me. but good, I district off. when it within 1 minute not succeed, get the woman to your belly, there her shoes to do and then of you to steps. while the following Lady quickly on your penis get, as the predecessor there barely from stepped is, and as a crazy begins to pumps. when everyone has been, I want a belastingstest do, where we with are all on you stand, and then I am wondering how long you think full will keep. and that was the test. there are questions raised? no, what i'm concerned we can start, say ik.goed, then we are going to start. you may on the mat lie down after you have stripped, says the chef. I dress me and go lie and get a vloerkleedje with the text 'welcome' it on my tummy placed. then get the first Lady on my belly. I feel her small heels way sinking in my belly. also pricks this kind. if this is the lightest, then promised that some, I think. then goes her mouth open and she begins talking while me look at: i'm Lisa and I weigh 64 kilo. okay, I think that feel already a bit and look after around me. I see now well that the rest of the ladies, except Sandra me this palmed has, there quite filled out see. not that I place a problem with it did, but what isn't can still come. then get it from me sometimes goes Sandra on me alone. i'm Sandra, but that did you though, Hey, and I weigh 69 kilo. I feel her pumps with 5cm heel in my belly prick. when they me dismounts, is the following again eager to my always painful becoming belly to stand. I feel a 8cm heel sink in my belly, but Fortunately put her 2nd foot there neatly in addition, so that the weight distributed. i'm Leonie and I weigh 74 kilo. 74 kilo? and then we are so just in half, comes in me !!! that is some! cheerful get Leonie again from me off. then get the following woman on me. happy she has small heels underneath, Nevertheless sinks they beautiful road in my belly. i'm Tamara and weigh 79 kilo. when they mine dismounts, the last Lady's turn. the chef herself. I will her briefly describe so you an idea have why they chef is. she is on the type of giant, beautiful Brown hair and pretty boots with a delicious blokhak of 10cm. it seems as if they specially for this gelegheid her delicious boots has attracted. they get on my belly, but not like the other ladies have done. who stepped just directly with the toes in the direction of my face. the chef get across on my belly and I feel the air from my belly button. this is top-heavy, I hear myself to my surprise aloud say. which they still a little longer on 1 foot remains to which they 2nd foot there happy next move. than running also they are to my face. i'm Erika, the chief of this uitzendburo. i'm 189 cm long, 41 years and I weigh only 93 kilo. then get it from me off. while I lie to come, prosecuted Erika the test. it was full of to keep ?, guzzler them. well, reasonable, I said. well, no one has claims that the easy would be. we are going to continue with the actual intest. and I must warn you, our feet are not washed, so there is for all day sweat in. and those words put Lisa on my belly, wipes her shoes, doing them out and get without any problems with her bare feet on my chest. for me the character to my tongue to cross, etrwijl that is approved observed by the other ladies. but while I ready lie to my tongue in touch to come up with the heel of Lisa, I feel the weight of Sandra on my belly. and then I throughout likgedeelte with Lisa still do, I think the meantime. while Sandra her feet able to wipe I take the feet of Lisa under hands. they put her heel on my tongue and has slowly her foot back so they at the toes ends, they then carefully in my mouth stops. I start there greedy to lick and my tongue goes smoothly between the toes. followed the other foot and then get Lisa carefully via my head of wondering and does Sandra a step forward after they has stripped of her shoe. I confess that it enjoyable as the ladies with their delicious bare feet on me alone. long, this thought Unfortunately not because Leonie plant her 74 kilo on my belly and starts like mad her shoes to sweep. Meanwhile bekommer me to delicious feet of Sandra. Nada also that likbeurt have had and Sandra of wondering is stepped, put Leonie a step on my chest, after her shoes has put off. Tamara get then agile on my belly and this I start now feel. I has been reluctant if I all this survive and that I am going to 379 kilo on my poor body get. but that's for later, I like myself. Tamara attracts is, However, none of and is already started foot sweep. and Leonie plant, if they with her toes in my mouth has arrived, her toes delicious in my mouth. as a ice lick her toes off. Meanwhile starts my penis nice stiff be, this to large hilarity of the ladies. while I bekommer to the toes Leonie, Tamara is waiting for my belly, starts Erika a little playful with her heels with my penis to play. when the toes Leonie are afgelikt, they via my head is abandoned and Tamara her shoes has put off, get Tamara on my chest and Erika on my belly. well, it is not participate in order 2 ladies on your body to have. 172 kilo there on me and I also have the unlucky that Erika high boots to have that they are not so 1,2,3 from it. while Erika her boots schoonveegd (I would really don't know how my belly there soon to far), lick I feet and toes Tamara clean. she has certainly field had, because I test what sand in my mouth, something that I do not suffer from had, when the last 3 ladies on me stood. but good, when I this have afgelikt, and its other foot also have cleaned, get also Tamara via my head of me off. now Erika only on me state is her weight what better looking to keep. prompt get them, after they finally her boots has uitgekregen, on my chest and I get size 44 my tongue printed. when her toes my mouth reached squeezes her toes my mouth in. this is not easy, but eventually I get them afgelikt, this to great satisfaction Erika, to her moans to hear. at licking her 2nd foot, looks like they almost ready to come. after this likbeurt get them on my head, remains as little longer stand than the rest, and get me off. for me this is the time to relax, while the ladies a cigarette smoke. I look at my belly, that there battered looks. everywhere are small Wells visible of the various heels, which deep into my belly are drilled. here I go still some days last of love, expected the cigarette and a glass of drink, i'm going again lie. time for the 2nd part of the test. thus far, I am not satisfied. I can reasonably convenience 172 kilo on me keep. look as soon double insist, how I uithoud. I may my legs something further from each other explain. vervolgs able Lisa ready. they put her foot on my penis and goes after the pressure build until they with her full weight rise. I hear Erika recall that the time is discussed, and those words moves Lisa back and forth on my penis. she is going on her toes are so my ACORN under its ball of the foot against my lower abdomen is pressed and then roll them back to her heel. this rhythm loves them. it is a great sense, but I must maintain. that € 500 is me also something worth it. the first minute I like goedvol so Lisa disappointed via my belly of me dismounts. then get Sandra on me. she has a slightly different technique. she moves sideways from left to right. and this is more difficult for me, especially because I the movements of Lisa still in my penis have. but also with her i'll stand. surprised get Sandra me off. also with Leonie and Tamara runs well, for me. also they get me not ready. 500 euro beckons, only Erika still going. they put her Buddy 44 my penis and goes on it stand. well, 93 kilo comes or hard. then she goes pumps. on her toes are, with my penis is crushed and then on her heel, which I have a ball feel streaking, before he vermorzelt is. I see Erika pent its best to an evening of my services to make use, but they also saves not. so I am € 500 richer! finally follows another belastbaarheidstest. I can 1000 euro of making if I longer than 5 min full keeps. the first set Lisa and Sandra on my chest, Leonie goes on my belly stand, go Tamara on my penis stand and sets Erika on my head. it's hard, but nice. I feel as if I Dreamland am. steps ladies me off. when I get up, which is not so easy going, given the tax I have had, watch the ladies in amazement to me. I assume of Erika 1000 euro in receipt, i'm grateful convincingly. you're a strong guy, she says. we have for this feature yesterday even if someone had. who has the same test to do, but who has the Unfortunately not survived. after we are all on top of him his stand and I finally on his head am stepped, we heard 1 yell and then was Leonie flat on the ground, with between her feet and the floor flat belly of that boy. very grim, told them on. we have a little about thought to the test no more to do, but we thought it, to carry out this feature, very necessary to do it. if you look at our weights, and then we talking about the average weight of a woman, you will understand that this test was necessary. I kink comprehension. as well as this was wrong past, we had the contract given back, she decides. but well, you have geredt, and there, it is about, she goes on. but what now? how are you further there from see ?, she asks. I listen attention, to say. i'll tell you, John. I expect you tomorrow for stagedag. as mentioned you'll as doormat serve for all our female customers. this is your by US, as employees, also used as a rug, stepping Stone, you can it so crazy not think. I required hereby whatsoever to you, she says at other 4 ladies that you use of him go make. you comes in the middle of the office to lie, so you come along him walk about him. and then not so carefully, as I during the test have seen, but you do just whether he there isn't and crushes about him. you can feel free to anywhere on stand, that's me after today it became clear. I am looking around for a response, and that there are. ladies start a little too giggle and that is often a sign of positive nervousness. she continues. and finally, it is tomorrow Friday and that means that we are a reception here from 16:00 to 18:00, where every customer, employee or employer here is welcome. I will restaurant to notify US a suitable candidate have found for them, and which can then beautiful view who their ranks comes strengthen. but, she says, tomorrow morning I expect you to 08.30 hours here outside for the entrance is because a doormat we can do use to enter and is for you already nice a first trainingsmoment. there are questions you ready? Yes, or actually a request. I get up jump after what me tonight happened. it is possible that you me as my lust redeem ?, I ask. sure John says Erika, what do you have in mind? I would you, as chief, like to honor award by me to come, while you with your boot about my cock rubs. and I would like the other ladies want requests for during your activity at me place to take. that seems to me a good plan says Erika. what you ladies? like, fun and we do, the cries of the other ladies. i'm gonna lie and Lisa narratives on my chest with Leonie. Sandra and Tamara take place on my belly and their heels together prick nice in my skin. Erika sets itself between my legs and put a boot on my all-growing cock. than she begins rubbing, up and down. they pull me with her boot, very exciting. my cock is still growing, something that Erika by it. when my cock stiff and so no longer grows, put them anything more weight on it and rubs therefore what harder. then, after not so a lot of time, I come spuitend ready and put Erika simultaneously its weight on that one foot. the horny syringe everywhere, Unfortunately also about shoes Tamara and Sandra. when I empty am, steps ladies smiling of me, I make myself and boots ladies clean, garment me again and step met the Street, on the way home. there wait me tomorrow a beautiful day, so much is me today it became clear. after a good night's sleep and still a little additional of stampade of last night, the alarm. full expectation I stand on, put a Cup of coffee, while I dress up. after 2 trays coffee step I on the bike and bike direction the uitzendburo. there arrived, do I found out that I on time am and that I another 15 minutes have before Erika or 1 of the other ladies at the establishment are. I decision to advance to the ground lie down and a bit to get used to the hard tiles. already lying decision I a cigarette on to cross and all smoking is my interest aroused by delicious tick a par heels on the tiles. well, but a bit weird attitude of me to here so to lie. but good, I think, if I ask get, I will openness of affairs give. so I stay smoke while the footsteps in what accelerated until my direction come. Sir, I hear call, Sir, will it be? I look at and look at a fun, slightly older face of a woman of a year or 40. I say that it goes. but why is here then, she asks? I lie here to internships walking, I give to. internship, she asks? Yes, I have since yesterday a new job. Oh nice, what job, if I questions may, she asks? i'm a human doormat, to say. OK, and that means, she asks further? this means, to say that I today stage may walk for this uitzendburo, in this uitzendburo. and if I this survive, i'm going further, it is I employed in a theme restaurant for the ladies to serve. Lady looks omhaag and read what is the Pui of the building is. trample team uitzendburo, she says aloud. OK, fun. than I wish you have a very nice day. and at that time I hear back a few heels tapping the tiles, in my direction. day, I say against the Lady and then runs them away. then Erika my direction. she looks glad surprised, apparently had they might not be expected that I would lie. nice to see you, she says. do you feel, she asks? I nod. beautiful, she says and goes with her 93 kilo on my belly stand and takes a few keys from her bag and stop them in the keyhole, running it and opened the door, wipes her shoes, to which they to inside get. Lady who me earlier still appealed, stands with her hand for the mouth the scene Gade store. keep you lie until all ladies within are asked Erika? that will not very long. than includes Erika Lady by hand for the mouth. Erika get back towards the doorway and goes back on my belly stand casually with 1 foot, making her stiletto heel ugly in my belly pricks. her other foot rest, crossed, on my chest. is there something, Madam, asks Erika? Yes, she says, you know that you on someone is? I know, says Erika. Meanwhile comes Lisa approached, sees Erika on top of me stand and get then with her 64 kilo on my chest. sweeps subsequently tidy her pumps with 8cm heel and get further the shop in. I undergo it and enjoy. Lady is closer to me even better view. do you want also consider, asks Erika? and while she asks get Erika me off to the Lady the opportunity to give it also encourage you to try. but I weigh more than 80 kilo, she says. no problem, says Erika, I weigh there 13 more and in addition, it is a stagedag for him, so diversity of weight is very welcome. careful she comes close to me alone, tilt her linkerschoen up and put that down carefully on my belly. and now you weight moving your right to your left foot and then you right bijsluiten, encourages Erika her. Lady did what her gevraagt was and I feel that they are more and more weight add to her linkerhak. just as long until they with her full weight on 1 leg state, and then her right leg to ditch. happy and proud watched them to Erika and when down on me down. when she got from me off, looked again to me and Erika and continued her way ...
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