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New here and very trampling-curious

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I recently stumbled across this site through one of Trampled-Amy's real stories and now I'm very intrigued by the attractive models and of cause the incredible real life stories!

As for my relationship with trampling, I think my first experience which might have triggered my now strong fetish for trampling was back in school; some boys and girls in my class, including me (I'm male), played a game of robbers and gendarmes. I was a robber when whille running I fell to the ground, quickly one girl who was into me caught me and to hold me in place she just sat onto my back with her full (though little) weight. Back then I didn't know what to think about it, I barely noticed when girls were into me as well. But then later, it was one of the most intense memories I have of that girl. A memory that stayed.

And now, recently I have discovered trampling again and I find it more thrilling than ever! Even despite the fact that I'd usually see myself as a dom and would describe myself as pretty proud. I also love working out and shaping my body, where I'm then proud of every progress!

I'm relatively young with 20 years of age
but I wish I wasn't still a trampling-virgin!
Therefore I hope there'll soon be a hopefully heavy woman in my life who wants to trample me.
Starting too heavy might be a bad idea, but it might as well be just as thrilling and hot.

And I'm not sure if it's just due to my age or if anyone else likes to combine trampling with age play,
but I'd love to be trampled by a woman who's considerably older than me; double as old (that'd be ~40) would be extremely hot and definitely is a milestone on my fetish list. -Is there anyone else who feels similar?

And character-wise it'd be hot if she was enjoying and having fun trampling me; not someone who just does it for money and doesn't care.
In addition to that she should not be hesitant or afraid to trample properly and having fun.
She shall not have to ask if she can bounce a little or jump, instead just do it because she wants to.
The classical belly-chest-face stepping is a must-have for any good trampling session in my opinion!

So, that's sum up my dream-trampling, let's hope my first time will be similar!
What do you think?

And if anyone knows a group where people can set up trampling-dates, I'd be more than eager to join!

thanks for reading

-Always open for all sorts of questions
Can't wait to finally interact with people who love trampling as well!
1 year 7 months ago #984

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