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[Discussion] Formula to roughly estimate how much weight you can handle?

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As someone who doesn't get to experience trampling too often but thinks about it a lot, I wondered how much weight I should be able to handle.

I would guess that the most important factors are:
-own body mass
-height & proportions
-body type & physical shape
-trampling frequency
-foot size of the trampler
-duration of the trampling

Of course it also depends on the harshness of the trampling; if there's a lot of standing on one leg or jumping etc., but let's take an average trampling for measure.
So do you have an idea for a formula how one could estimate the amount of weight a newbie tramplee should be able to take?

Me for example:
80kg / 176 lbs
180cm / 5'11”
athletic, working out
newbie tramplee

--> how much weight do you think I could take? and for how long?

Such an estimate would be useful in order to not get seriously injured when being crushed by a heavier partner.

I'm curious for all your answers!
10 months 2 weeks ago #1050

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