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object crushing with bodyweight
Nataliya "Amazonka" Kuznetsova: World's Heaviest Female Bodybuilder 225lb Car Crush

Nataliya "Amazonka" Kuznetsova: World's Heaviest Female Bodybuilder 225lb Car Crush

We have something very special for you here, as you're aware we specialise in heavy trampling and crush videos. We've found that the most popular models to conduct this activity are heavy muscular women, you like to see the weight of their dense muscular bodies crushing objects and people. Those skinny girls just don't do it for you anymore do they? The simple fact is that they just aren't heavy enough to crush things adequately, they need to stomp and jump in order to do any damage at all. That's why you like to see heavyweights stepping on things, the comparison is quite clear. Muscle bound ladies have gravity on their side, they can simply tread upon objects and destroy them with such ease by using pure bodyweight alone. This is what you want to see and my goodness are you in for a treat today! What could be better than seeing what THE WORLD'S HEAVIEST FEMALE BODYBUILDER can do with her weight? Yeah that's right, we are honoured to bring you what is probably the hottest crush video on the internet.
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Nataliya "Amazonka" Kuznetsova holds the title of heaviest female bodybuilder in the world and she's been dying to show you exactly what her weight can do. In this video she weighs in at a bone crushing 225lbs, imagine what that kind of pressure could do if she stepped on a toy car? Well you don't need to imagine, in the video she does just that! After stepping on the scale to prove she is in fact that heavy (by the size of her muscles I don't think any evidence was required but we have included her weigh-in at the begging of the video) she walks over to the poor little car and lifts her giant booted foot over it before SLOWLY stepping down and applying her weight. This toy car would most likey support the weight of the average woman but not Nataliya, you will clearly see that as she lifts her other foot from the ground applying her full weight to the roof the car is is instantly destroyed. I'm taking about serious damage, the plastic bends cracks and shatters beneath her awesome weight like nothing you have ever seen in any crush video anywhere.. ever. She then places her other foot on the bonnet of the car and shifts her weight to it. Now those of you that have watched car crush videos in the past know that girls can never crush the wheels, they are the hardest and most stubbern part of the car so what happens next is incredibly impressive! As Nataliya shifts her weight on to her left foot the bonnet is flattened, her boot then continues to decend destroying the suspension and as she applies her entire weight actually crushes the front wheels FLAT. This has to be seen to be believed, by simply standing upon the car with both feet it is totaly destroyed, I mean flattened beyond recognition. No stomping, no jumping just slowly applying her weight to it. That is POWER!
Don't worry the action is far from over, Nataliya then begins to slowly trample the remains in a display of power the likes of which have never been witnessed. She flexes and poses her record breaking physique whilst standing on the crumpled plastic remains. Nataliya Amazonka posseses the most muscular legs in the world, that is not an exagerration Nataliya holds the World Armwrestling, Bench Press and Deadlift titles as well as the European Bench Press and Deadlift titles. She is the heaviest known female professional bodybuilder so I'm sure you can image how hot this video is, she has 30 inch quads. 30 INCH QUADS! That she flexes and shakes for you all whilst trampling and crushing the car with her weight, she poses on it with double biceps, calf raises and quad shakes. She twists and turns to show you her quads and hamstrings from different angles, she bends and snaps plastic beneath her boots like it isn't even there as she belittles you with her incredible body. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Yes this is a very special video indeed, brought to you exclusively by
Nataliya is a real sport and we thank her for this very special record breaking video. She has been a pleasure to work with. Whilst editing this video I was reminded of a behind the scenes clip from the making of Conan The Barbarian where the producer spoke of Arnold Schwarzenegger as being a "walking prop" and looking perfect from every angle in every scene due to his amazing 8 time Mr Olympia physique. Well after creating this page I actually know how he feels. Nataliya Amazonka is a true champion and we're thrilled to have worked with the largest female bodybuilder in the world. Keep supporting our work, who knows what will happen next.
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0 #3 Caesar 2022-02-18 23:04
I would like to kiss her quads.
0 #2 James 2020-09-13 19:29
Oh I would love for them to crush me with their feet all their weight I will love that so much they can step in me hard as they want I would love it like I said on my lap hard as they want it won't hurt me at all
0 #1 nzmountainman 2020-06-20 02:02
I would not turn down the opportunity to being subjected to a crush from them.

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