Crushing: 200lb Barefoot Orange Crush by Heavy Girl in Slow Motion

I finish the orange off I just crushed between my 18" calves by stepping on it barefoot with extremely heavy 200lbs of body weight. Subscribe, rate the videos and comment for more...

Orange Crush Slo-Mo Sample Pic 1

Orange Crush Slo-Mo Sample Pic 2

Orange Crush Slo-Mo Sample Pic 3

Orange Crush Slo-Mo Sample Pic 4

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+1 #2 footboy4904 2018-01-21 14:12
Goddess, how I wish to offer up my face to be your scale. You could step up onto my face, with one foot and set of toes on my mouth, the other over my eyes, and your lovely big toes coming together touching each other over my nose. To be "forced" to inhale your fragrances would be heavenly. With footlove, from your footboy4904.
+1 #1 nicktrample 2017-12-04 07:08
... how I would like to feel the weight of this Goddess on my little belly!
I would like the belly reduced in the same way as this orange :cry: :P
thank you

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